tips to shine and clean black???

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  1. Oh o.k gacha, I just recently found autopia and detailcity both sites are great for learning. I am ow really getting into learning the right way to care for my paint, and I must say I love Klasse AIO toped with Megs#16 on my white stang. I too plan on taking the plung and buying a 7424 so i can use poorboy's products I really want to try there line.

    I would ask the people at these guys will help you will that problem with out damaging your paint. Good luck and those guys "really" know the chit.

  2. Where did u get the meguiars #16?
  3. Better get it while you still can. It's been discontinued.
  4. I prefer Shining Monkey products myself. Their no spitting tire shine is second to none IMO. They have a wax, polish, and glaze that will work wonders. Check thier site out at
  5. You can still get some HERE I would pick up at least 2 you WON'T regret it. Here how thin you apply it Applying Read all of it. Here's what really got my attention about #16 Meg's #16 reviews I left my 0.02 as well.

    AMEN brotha...... :hail2:
  6. And well worth every single penny awesome :nice:
  7. We all know you have the best black fox....why do you have to gloat about it???? Just messin man, I love that thing.
  8. I don't gloat, I promise. I let the car do all of the talking. :nice:

  9. Keep the car cool and in the shade the entire time you wash and wax your car. This will make it much easier to dry the water before it evaporates and leaves water marks. :nice:
  10. I really mean no offense here at all......but I see so many people on these forums falling for every hook line and sinker, for every urban myth out there regarding waxes and detailing that it is down right sad.

    First Zaino is a sealant AND a glazing system in that it covers paint imperfections. It is not a polish in the sense that it correct paint imperfections. This is why they recommend some 3M products to remove swirls and such.

    Second, multiple coats of wax do nothing, nothing at all, to help your paint. It doesn't give you a deeper shine nor does it give you more protection (synthetic waxes are said to be layerable although the jury is still out on that one).

    Third, anytime someone does a black car and uses a "glaze" they have not removed their halo-scratches/swirls but rather they have temporarily hidden them. They then take angle shots in the shade to display their deep gloss and shine!! Wash a black car, spray some QD on it then park it in the shade and people will be in awe of how it looks.

    Fourth, there is no reason why anyone needs to clay thier car more than once a year unless they live next to a paint and body shop and overspray gets on their car every day. Clays do contain abrasives so if you wax your car one weekend then the next clay it you have removed all your wax.

    Fifth....if you have trouble keeping your black car from water spotting then wash it with RO water, in the cool of the morning or towards sunset. If it comes time to polish your paint then use the least abrasive and time consuming means possible.

    Lastly...It is totally ridiculous to use 6 different products to get that "showcar shine" when all that is needed is, at the most, 2 products. One being a paint leveler and another being a finer polish. Then you use the wax or sealant of your choice.

    I have most likely worn out my welcome here but I am just trying to show you guys (and gals) an easier, safer and more effective method to detailing. You don't need a shelf full of every paint polish, wax and sealant this side of the equator to make your car look good. Too many people think that shelves and shelves of products make them a better detailer....or worse yet, other people look up to them as "guru's".


  11. I hope no one would be offended by that...we arent little kids in here.

    Now, could you get more specific with what u recommend? Specifically for a black car :p

  12. Well I sure hope no one gets offended....if anyone does I must of described them somewhere along the lines eh?

    As for what I recommend, take a look at this Porsche hood.


    It has what is called "halo-scratches" (many refer to these as "swirls" but swirls are a different animal) or what other detailers refer to as "marring". It is caused from washing and drying and normal wear and tear on a cars finish.

    I was able to remove, not hide them, with only one product and 2 different pads. I used Optimum Polish and a polishing pad with a high speed rotary then a finishing pad and again Optimum Polish. 2 passes with 2 different pads and one product.

    The results....also notice that I tried to take the AFTER shots in direct sun, as much as possible, no angle shots.



    The paint now looks much better and there is no need to polish the paint anymore nor add any glaze, just lay down some wax (there is no wax/sealant on this hood when these picture were taken) or sealant and you're done.

    Hope that helps,
  13. where did u get this optimum polish?
  14. Go to "New Products" Its a few items down as you scroll down.

    I believe Autogeek also carries it.

  15. No offense to anyone else in this thread, but that picture of me taking a pic of my door is in the sunlight after I washed and dried it. You get what you pay for and that paint job is worth about $4500.00. Like I said before, it's hard to work with orange peel. I agree, 18 coats of wax and 10 different kinds isn't going to do you any good.

    3M hand glaze should be the last step after it is wet sanded and buffed... after fresh paint.

  16. stang22,

    My comments were not directed towards you or anyone in general. I am pretty impressed by your cars paint work but that's just is "work" and not some magic in a can or bottle. The shot of you in the reflection is high on the optical clarity level, again very impressive.

    My comments are directed more to the countless people I have seen over the years on detailing forums. They all think that the more coats of this or that they apply the better their cars will look, heck even I got caught up in it for a spell, what a waste that was :notnice:

    Just needed to clear the air, thank you.
  17. No sweat man! :cheers:

    Just on a side note, it doesn't hurt to claybar your car as often as you like. Claybarring it a few times every 3 months guarantee no tree sap, bugs, overspray etc are on the paint. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  18. Agreed I only use 2 step to clean mine most of the time Klasse AIO and topp it with megs #16. I only use one coat I don't think using more coats will benit me at all. IF I add anymore step it's to remove scratches. I just like to go by what other have already used and has worked for them, hell that's how I found out about #16 and I'm glad I found out about it to. I do like reading detailing forums to learn and just take what I feel I need no more no less.

    Also I think also carries optimum.

    Absolutly not stick around we need more informed people so we can learn from by all means stay. :cheers: