tips to shine and clean black???

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  1. Thanks alot wystang :)

    I used to be on Detail City until I was banned (for fun you should ask what happened to me :rlaugh: ) but there is alot of bad advice going on there (as even on Autopia) so use good judgment and discernment. There are some good guys there also, like Clean Dean and several others.

    Take care and I'll be sure to stick around :D

  2. My new favorite for black is the following:

    Menzerna IP
    Menzerna FPII
    Clearkote RMG
    Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax

    The Souveran sucks for durability, but is flat out awesome for looks.



  3. I just blew a load that is freakin beautiful car great job :nice:
  4. once you get the water spots off, you want to make sure you keep em off...

    I've got a black 96 cobra. To keep it nice i usually wash the wheels first so the water on the body doesn't leave spots. I've noticed the trick is to keep the car wet until you're ready to dry it. I've got a few of those uber absorbent towels that feel like rubber (i forget what they're called). it was a PITA to keep water spots from showing up since I had no other place to wash but in the sun :-\. Once I was done I went over the car and couldn't find any spots. That's what I do. If anyone know's of a better way, let me know.
  5. Y'all are hard-core!!!

    I used to spend all my spare time washing & waxing my vehicles. I even worked my way through college as a detailer (strictly amateur). Now, being single & a homeowner, I just DO NOT have the better part of a day to devote to waxing one of the vehicles. I pretty much keep car care limited to one wash per week per vehicle since a typical wash job will take me about 2 hours. I can't bring myself to spend $70+ on waxes, sealants, glazes, etc. but I DO appreciate a nicely detailed ride.

    Will probably get flamed like crazy for this one, but I've always favored Super Glaze by the Wax Shoppe. Granted, it does NOT last long... BUT... it goes on super easy, comes off easy, doesn't dry to a powdery residue (which gets everywhere), and you can wax right over the black trim. It's relatively inexpensive. Decent shine too. I'll defer comments on depth & gloss to the "experts". Let's just say it works for me.

    I apply it to the entire vehicle all at once (in the shade). By the time I've got it all applied, I can start taking it off. Last week I did my Rainforest Green '04 Saturn Vue... which is a fair amount of square footage. Start to finish was less than 2 hours. Super Glaze has a fairly high solvent content (which I suppose is a plus if you don't have time to claybar every speck of tar & bug juice beforehand), so it flashes off pretty quickly.

    Luckily, my '01 GT vert is oxford white, so the paint is a little less demanding in the attention department... wish I could say the same for the white vinyl top! Keeping a triple-white car clean in a hot, dusty, high desert environment has proven to be every bit as challenging as the darker colors.

    Anyhow, that's my 2 cents worth...
  6. Calidude there is nothing wrong with using what works for YOU. Wouldn't it be worth the time to try something that last longer since you really don't have time to up keep like you want?? Something local and very affordable like Meguires #26 high tech yellow wax ($12) or a paint sealant like Mother syntac (I think thats the name) then use a quick detail spray like Mother Showtime every 2 weeks. Just a though
  7. Hot96cobra if you want to cut down your drying time 2 thing you can try, 1. Beat the sun wake up early and get busy, 2. Before you start drying give the car a final rinse by remove the nozzle and letting the h2o flow(not a stream just let if flow from the hose) from top to bottom it helps pick up water dropletts and gravitly does the rest by "shetting" the water down (<-this is always good to do it works great for me no matter what time during the day).
  8. good call, i'll definitely try that out when she's fixed. thanks.