Tire pressure sensors

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  1. I changed my stock 18 inch wheels for 20 inch wheels. The guys can't figure out exactly how to transfer the tire pressure sensors over. Can anybody give me specifics on how to find a new strap and cradle for the sensor so I can get the tire pressure sensor fault light off !
  2. dealer. whoever did your wheels apparently ate paint chips when they were a kid as well.
  3. Remove the sensors from your old rims and install them in a sealed pvc tube with a valve stem in one end. Set the pressure to 32psi and the light will go off. You can also buy new straps and cradles from Discount tire for around $50 bucks and mount them to your new rims. The pvc is the way I went, Its cheap.
  4. that way is only for the people that dont care what their tire pressure is, and only care about the idiot light.

    if you want the sensors to function, buy new straps from the dealer. you would think a tire shop would know what to do. :shrug:
  5. How did you check your pressure before tps? I use my tire gauge like I have been for 32 years. My gauge will last longer than your tps sensor will.
  6. Your gauge does you little good when you're doing 140 mph cooking down some country roads, not realizing you picked up a nail in the parking lot leaving work, not realizing you had a tire that was down 10-15 pounds, until it blows sky-high and sends you careening off the road....

    TPS is a very nice safety measure for cars that are capable of very high speeds. When you're doing 150+ +, it's nice to know that you've got proper pressures right then and there, instead of just relying on the last time you stuck a gauge on the valve-stem..
  7. Tpms only checks tires once a minute. blow out happens in a blink of on eye. If you are changing tires/rims and using the same size yes I would install then. but if you are going with bigger rims with low profile tires I would use the pressure tube.
  8. The TPMS sensors use 5 year lithium batteries. Once the batteries are dead, I suspect you will need new sensors.