Tire pressure warning light?

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  1. How accurate is it.
  2. From what I read - it activates when there is a 20% change in tire pressure from the factory settings. The system is pretty accurate, but the indicator light doesn't tell you which tire is setting off the alarm
  3. As a ford tech and encountering a problem where a lincoln had a tire pressure light on and the truck would not respond to training of the sensors I chose to dismount a tire and check that a sensor was even in there under a hunch that rims were swapped from a non monitored car. Instincts were right and it turned out that the sensors were gone. I would first verify that the sensors were even swapped when the rims were replaced. A tire monkey may have chucked the sensors when he discovered it would be "too much" work to transfer them over. The absence of sensors would surely put a tire pressure light on. Also provided the sensors are in the wheels, have the sensors retrained at your ford dealer with the correct tire pressure. See what happens with that. If all fails call steeda and see what input they have.
  4. So there's no way to deactivate the warning light then?

    Tire Rack wants $455 for new sensors mounted to any wheels you buy from them!! (that's if they even have them for your car type)

    How much and how HARD is it to get new bands from the Ford dealer for a proper reinstall?
  5. I put all 4 of my sensors in a sealed pvc tube with a valve stem in one end, set the pressure to 32 psi light went out. My tube is mounted in the trunk between the speakers. No problems so far. Cheapest way to go.
  6. That's a great idea. If/when I change the wheels, that is what I will probably do.
  7. Part #'s for the band kits are 6F2A-1A193 A thru M they are about $45.00 a piece.They come with everything but the sensor, They have kits from 14"(A) thru 24"(M) Hope this helps
  8. I finally got my 18" Shelby Razors and the tire place I went to charged me $80 in all to remount my sensors to the new wheels.

    Not too bad really...I think.
  9. You can get bands and cradles at Discount Tire cheaper, around $50 bucks gets you 4 straps and 4 cradles.
  10. thats quite ingenious
  11. but defeats the purpose of the TPMS.
  12. It will be standard on all cars starting in 2008-2009 as part of a federal mandate. I'm not sure if this was put into effect yet.
  13. Driving for over 32 years without it why start now. I use the old style tps its called a tire gauge.
  14. i just bought a sweet 2007 GT/CS. One of the many options added by the original owner were 20" Shelby wheels w/ 305/35/20's in the rear and 255/35/20's in the front.

    When I test drove this car at the dealer the TPMS light did not come on. Now after 30-40 miles the light comes on when I start it and keeps coming on while driving even after I reset it on the dash. So i started digging thru the Search button and found this post which I found informative.

    My question is I had read that when the TPMS warning comes on the vehicle goes into "limp" mode? Is this true???

    I am going back to the dealer this am (as long as the roads dry off lol) and am gonna ask the to look at the problem of the light coming on.

    I read that maybe you could shut the TPMS warning off w a tuner?? Is that possible?? I have the SCT Tuner that came w the car.

  15. AND Yes I forgot...

    The tire pressure was low when i brought it home 24lbs. I raised them all to 32lbs cold and reset the light but it came back on as described above.

    Thanx again
  16. 1) Are you sure that the sensors were actually installed in the wheels when he switched to the 20's?

    2) Even with a TPMS error, the warning doesn't always illuminate instantly. Last year I mounted a set of winter rims and tires without monitors and sometimes the car would go a week without the TPMS warning coming up.

    3) You cannot shut off the TPMS system with a tuner.

    4) The car will run fine even with a TPMS error - it doesn't go into limp mode.

    5) Some of the aftermarket bands used to mount the sensors on 20" wheels were crap. The bands break and the sensor rattles around inside the tire and usually fails (permanently). I had two go that way before dismounting all my tires and installing OEM Ford 20" bands and two new sensors. The dealer should be able to tell you what wheel (sensor) is throwing the code.

    6) If the sensors are installed and working and your tire pressures are correct, you could try reprogramming the sensors - the dealer can do that for you or for a small price, you can buy a programming tool and do it yourself.

    7) If the sensors weren't installed, and you don't want to dismount all your tires to install them, you can put four coded sensors into a sealed and pressurized PVC plastic tube and throw it in your trunk. Or you can just put up with resetting the TPMS warning.
  17. I think this is one of the most "Brilliant" fixes I have ever read! :nice:

    You should make these or the plans for these, and sell them on e-bay, as long as someone wouldn't come back and try to sue you!
  18. Been around for quite some time with all the 07 up guys running fat and skinnies at the track some of the test version were a bit primitive.

    Here's a version recently posted:

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    and the guy has a sense of humor to:

  19. :lol:
    That's awesome.

    Let it also be added that American Muscle (sponsor) sells the bands to move your existing sensors to your new wheels. It's not that difficult either. :nice:
  20. I love it! Very creative!