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  1. Hey guyz,

    I have a 2011 Saleen with 9"x 20" fronts and 10"x 20" rears, Saleen SpeedStar wheels that are wrapped in Saleen factory Pirelli Rosso 275/35 front, and 275/ 40 rear with 20k miles. One of the back tires got damaged because of a road hazard. The rears were getting a little spent so I was thinking about replacing them anyway. Fronts still have a good amount of tread on them, and really don't need to be replaced just yet.

    If I go back with the above factory tire sizes, I am limited to Pirelli or BFG Comp 2s because there are not many tire companies making both of those tires sizes... I do not what mismatched tires... To buy two rear Pirellis costs about $900, where four BFGs Comp 2s cost about $1085.00.

    I was wondering if any of you think I can go with 275/ 35s, or 275/40s all the way around, and not have any rubbing, or other issues??? Keeping the tires all the same size, would give me a wider range of brands to choose from. The car also has the Saleen N2 suspension on it.

    Also, I was wondering should I get the two Pirelli for the back, or the four BFG Comp 2s all the way around? Money is not the issue because they are virtually the same price. Are the BFG Comp 2s a decent tire, and would they do well in all weather driving, and give me good service? My wife drives the car quite a bit, so I want the tires to be very good.

    The Pirellis have given me good service up to now, and I am unsure about how the BFG Comps would perform in day to day driving. So, could you all chime in and give me some advice here as to what I should do?:shrug:

    Dale in San Antonio
  2. If the Pirelli's have been good then, I'd say get them again.

    Michelan PS2's(?) come to mind as an alternative.