Tire Rubbing Sound ... '87 5.0 Convertible

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  1. hi folks,

    I've a '87 5.0 convertible. I finished the body and top, car runs well but one thing is driving me crazy.

    when I turn the wheel all the way (like to parallel park) I hear a sound that resembles a tire rubbing. But I cannot see any signs of this ........ has anyone had this issue??

    I should note that there is also a vibration in the front end, not sure if they are related

    any help is much appreciated

  2. What wheels are on the car, is it lowered at all?
  3. The car has not been lowered and has stock wheels on it. I was wondering if I need new struts would that cause this?? I really don't know much about front ends
  4. New struts shouldn't cause an issue like that. I would look around the front end to see if you see anything shinny like it has been rubbing. It is possible that a clip or two from the inner fender wells has come loose and one is slightly out of place to cause this. Honestly stock wheels with a stock size tire at stock ride height should never have a rubbing problem. Sounds like you will find it to be an easy fix once you get under there to see what's going on! Best Wishes