Tire Size Question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fivelitercoupe, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. I have an 89 coupe and i wanna put 245s on my 98 cobras when i bolt them on but there are the dampning things on the rearend that go backwards and they will surelly get in the way of the tire, ive seen many of your guys' stangs with this size and i was wondering how you got this size tire or bigger on and did u guys have to roll your fenders for clearence, thanks for your help
  2. Some people have better luck with clearance than others...although you should have no problems with 245's. I run 275's on a 8" rim without the quad shocks flipped and have barely enough clearance without any rubbing issues.
  3. The "damper" things your referring to are your quad shocks. Unless you have bone stock suspension, they are next to useless. Anyhow, you shouldn't have any probs with the 245's, but just to be safe you might as well go ahead and flip them.

    Easy to do, bolt off, flip, and bolt back on. I am running 285/40/17's on a 9.5in wide rim in the back with flipped quads and no rubbing.

  4. Thanks for your help guys, i never thought of flipping them over but that would work and then i could easily get the tires on it. If it gives me enough clearance i might just go with the 275s out back but we will see, once again thanks for your help guys
  5. Can I run 245/50/16 inch tire on the stock 16 inch pony rim? I want some Goodyear Eagle F1's
  6. You sure can, without a problem. Ive seen people who have run up to a 275 on the rear with the stock 16 inch ponies because it is an 8 inch wheel, hope this helps
  7. are u sure the stock 16 inch rim is a 8 inch wheel? I thought it was a 7.5 inch wheel.
  8. I'm pretty sure the ponies are 16x8, and the turbines and 10 holes are 15x7 (the ladder i know is right).
  9. ponys are 16 x 7
  10. FWIW:

    turbines/10 holes --> 15x7

    ponies --> 16x7

    93cobra's --> 17.7.5

  11. thats what i thought 16x7's or 7.5. but back to the original ques. can i run 245 50 on my stock ponies???????
  12. The when using wide tires on narrow rims it causes the sidewall to have more squirm and bulge to it. You'd also have to run lower pressure to get the proper footprint. I'd sure you could, but best performance with a 275 would be a 10" rim. See the Mustang Performance Handbook 2.
  13. As far as 245's, it should be fine, my friend's thunderbird has 255's on his 10 holes.
  14. yep, you sure can. in fact i think that is the size most run on that rim.

  15. This is not totally true. Some tire manufacturers have different rim sizes that will work with their tires. According to BFGoodrich...the smallest size rim for my 285/40's is a 9.5" rim. So I'm sure some 275's would be fine on a smaller than 10" rim. :nice:

    I do agree with everything else stated though...and would not recommend a wider than recommended tire. :D