Tire sizes whats the biggest?

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  1. hey guys wondering what you guys are running all the way around. thinking i need dr tires. also wanting to go 305 out back. however, if there are going to be rubbing issues i will go with 295. also is anyone running 40 side walls? ex 305/40/18?

    this will be on 18 in wheels.

    thanks guys. couldnt find any good searches for our model years.
  2. doesnt have to be a dr. maybe the stickiest streed tire available. i would like to drive the car in the fall months and if it starts raining i dont want to slide off the road with tha drag radial
  3. IMO street tires are a safer, more practical option if you plan on driving the car quite a bit. 295/35's fit perfectly on a 18x10 wheel and look great with no rubbing issues.
  4. yes i think i want to go with the best street tire i can find at this point. any recomendations?
  5. I couldn't find anything bigger than 305 for 18's anywhere.

    I run 17" 315 nitto 555r DR's on my and they look/fit/hook awesome! I've even driven in snow/ice and heavy downpours on the DR's with no problems. Of course, I drove knowing that I had to take it easy.
  6. I like KDW2s. 18x9 with 265, 18x10 with 295. Fit freaking perfectly and look good. Great tires too.

  7. i have 18x9 and 18x10 wheels. i run general exclaim uhp tires - 265/35 & 295/35 . excellent tire. quiet, great in rain, very good dry traction, good treadwear. at the time when i bought them from tirerack, they were ranked highest in their class.
  8. Drag radial fan hear! I have never had a problem driving in the rain with the mickey t radials. A few years ago at true street race we were caught in the rain during the cruise and had no trouble with the radials at all. Just food for thought...
  9. I just did 18x9 and 10s. Fit on some KDW NTs. Fronts are 275/35 and 295/35 on the rear. No rubbing issues at all. My buddies got a 98 Cobra lowered with HR SS springs. He is running a 265/35/18 in front and 305/35/ 18 DRs in the rear. No rubbing issues there either. DRs will hook up better than my KDWs for sure but mine should last longer than his DRs. Im not afraid to drive my car cross country and he never drives his in anything but perfect weather for short distances.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. So they dont make kdws in 305. So that size is out unless I go nitto dr.I would like tje dr but im concerned with some things I read about them. First it said you cant keep them on the car below 32 degree weather. Second im unsure about what you run on tje front if you have drs in the rear. If u run normal street tires and a different brand the tread pattern will be off. Will different tread patterns mess with performance of tje car?
  11. I'd wouldnt pay much attention to the difference between a 295 and 305 (3%). Real life tread width varies more than that if you buy the same tire from different manufacturers.
  12. Unless the car sits outside all winter I wouldn't worry about tempature with drag radials. I run my Nitto 555rs all year round.
  13. Nitto Drs and the regular 555s are different patterns but they still look good together.
  14. +1 on that. The differrence is suddle.
  15. 305/40-18 is a very tall tire. My buddy had rubbing issues with them on his GT500 and went back to 305/30-18. I've run probably 20-25 sets in all brands except Hoosier. I liked my Toyo TQ drag radials in my last C5 in the 500hp range. They were 315/30-18's.


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