Tires and Fluid

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  1. Hello, Friends.

    Firstly, I would like you to please recommend which today's specification for power steering fluid would be recommended for my 74 Ghia. Is there an specification like, for example, DEXRON MERCON for these type of fluid.

    About the tires, I sadly realized today the Cooper tires does not produce 195 70R13 tires anymore. Would somebody now if there is still change to get a set of those tires somewhere?

  2. more than likeky not. It took me about two weeks last summer to find two of the 195-70-13's for inspection. I got one from a shiop in VA and another from a place in Florida. I will be moving to a 15 inch rim soon just so I can still find tires to fit on the II
  3. You might try here:

    They list the Cooper Cobra G/T and Merit Mentor in that size with raised white letters. You'll have to call or email to see if they are in stock.

    I have 2 Firestones from the front of mine that are nearly new. I'm switching to 205/60R15 with the new wheels. I have to do my 5-lug brake swap before they can be installed though, so I can't sell them for a couple of months.
  4. Thanks for the inputs.
    I have sent an email to them to see if they still have them.

    On the othe hand, I contacted Cooper Tires directly and they told me they do not make that size anymore. :-(
  5. Not what you asked for, but Sumitomo has the biggest selection of 13" tires. I considered them, and people I talked to seem happy with them.

    Sumitomo 13" HTR200 tires.

    This is a nice calculator that I use at work to make tire packages.

    The 205/60/13 are an inch too short, but I have used them on II's before and they don't look out of place. I ended up with Big Ballin' 14" tires now:rolleyes:
    Even 14" tires are getting hard to find though.
  6. I will be picking up a set of the 15"ansens from AR just so I can get tires pretty soon.
  7. Cooker tires to make them?

    I have been to SEMA show this year and visited Coker Tires' booth

    They told me that they might be producing 195 70R13 tires by the next year.

    Let's wait and see...
  8. that is great news to hear, especially in cases like yours and others that are doing more of a stock type restoration than trying to mod the cars "their own way"!
  9. If the transmission has been rebuilt (AUTO) don't use Type F. The new friction materials in a rebuilt transmission requrie Dextron/MERCON:D Type F will blow it up! (ASK HOW I KNOW):nonono: