Tires for our Cars: what the heck?

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  1. ok, i have the 16" Stock rims on my mustang, what it has now are 225/55/r16's and i need new fron tires BADLY, anyway ive called like 8 diffrent shops around me, eaitehr they dont have that size, or its like insane pricing like 150 a tire installed! What i am wondering is, if there is a similar size that will fit my rims that maby is more common>? how about a little wider? Anyone who knows anything please replay
  2. why dont you save up for some 17" rims since your getting new tires
  3. think its hard finding tires for 16" rims?

    haha try 18's, i got stuck with 125's for my rims!! noone had 145's or higher in stock and i was in a rush, so i had to go with the ****ty skins.. :(
  4. the first number is the width of the tire and the second is the height of the tire. so just try to stay within 10 of each number and see if you can't find something cheaper.
  5. ok, i just searced those websites, and i was wondering would 245's fit my rims? also, if i were to switch to 17" rims (which i would like to do), are 17" tires hard to find as whell, and as expensive? i dont mind paying more for that cause ide like some new 2003 cobra rims.
  6. 17's and even 18's are coming down in price now. I paid $150/ea for my Bridgestone RE730's in 245/45/17. You might also check out "jeffo" on the Corral, he usually has good deals on tires. You can also look for take-offs -- for example, Kar Kraft has 17" take-off GT wheels with tires (off brand new GT's, 4-9 miles) for $650. That's not far from the price of just the tires. I found someone locally who had a set of '03 Cobra wheels & tires for just a little more than that, when I downgraded from my 18" rims.

  7. tirerack is awesome i'm going to pay like 74.00 a tire for 245/45/17's Kuhmo's

    but if you're in a rush to get tires, try going to a used tire place and finding something cheap that will last for a few months while you save/shop around for the 17's or 16's you want

    i really needed 17's for my fronts and i went to the local used tire and got a pair of Bridgestone Z rated 275's for the rear and moved the one's i had in the back up front for $90.00 total

    the tires have like 80% left on them, and they'll hold out until i buy a set of newbies

    i think you can see the tires in the pics of my sig- but keep in mind i haven't completely switched over my site from my old 87 GT, it's under const. :D

  8. You shouldent have a prob finding tires for 17" rims, I bought my Kumos from tire discount , there prices seem pretty good. Mine are 275/40/17 in the back

  9. tirerack is a great company, great info on all their tires, and good useful reviews... but shipping is a ******, and you have to pay for the tire install...

    -what I did was researched from tirerack, bought from (free shipping!) and bought my friend an all-you-can-eat lunch and he installed my tires...