Tires Mounted And Ready

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  1. Got the tires on the rims and ready to go on the car. I had to get a special socket to get wheel locks off because I didnt get the key when I bought the car.

    You can see the height comparison between the front and rear. 275/40 rear & 235/45 front.


  2. Very nice, congrats
  3. Wheels on car. I get some better pics later.

  4. Very nice!!! Now go and get rid of that 4x4 Did you need to install rack limiters or a bumpsteer kit to avoid rubbing on the front?
  5. No rubbing at all. Suspension is 100% stock. Plan to drop the front a little (1.5") with BBK springs. Gonna leave the back as is. The other day I parked it on an off camber slope which stuffed the drivers side rear tire up into the wheel well. No contact there either.