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  1. I'd like to swap out the tires on my 2010 GT500. I really hate the F1's on this car, they don't grip at all. I know that a lot of it has to do with 540 horses, but someone has to make a better tire. Any suggestions? Also, I want to swap out the speakers. I have the NAV system with the Shaker 500.
    I know that thre rear speakers are 5x7. Are the one's in doors both 5x7? I know in my 07 GT/CS, the upper door speakers were actually 2 speakers (plate). I found a 5x7 plate on Crutchfield made by Boston and I thought I'd go with them. What about the lower door speaker, still a 5x7?

  2. The lower speakers are 8" round
  3. The door and rear speakers are NOT 5x7, that is a GM speaker size i believe, Ford uses a 6x8 for all four speakers (yes the fronts are plates, good luck finding an aftermarket plate 6x8 that's good quality). And +1, the lower speakers from the Shaker 500 are 8" woofers, mind you very very cheap, paper woofers.

    If you are looking to replace them, keep in mind that the stock speakers take about 15 watts RMS (it says on the magnet of the speaker when they come out, the "500" part on the Shaker is peak output). If you go to aftermarket, sensitivity will drop slightly, but power handling will increase a LOT (mine are 75 watts RMS per speaker, not components, and I didn't go with the highest power handling out there). It sounds superb, I've done well in my SQ comps, but just know it takes a pretty big amp to power all that. I've got an average replacement system and for amps i have an RF T400-4 and an RF T400-2. Retail, you're looking at about a grand on amps, then add in speakers, and about 70-80 feet of speaker wire, plus replacing the bottom speakers requires building a small enclosure inside the door. It's a pretty big job.
  4. What are you looking to spend on tires, how long do you want them to last, and are you interested in drag radials or just street use? Most people seem to be happy with the Nitto NT05 which isn't very expensive. I have Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Specs, but the biggest tire they have is a 275/35/18, not sure if you want a sidewall that short. I like them a lot though, a lot better than the Nitto Invos I had before. Hankook Ventus V12 Evos are also supposed to be a good tire.
  5. +1 on the Nitto NT05
  6. I had Hankook V12 Evos on my S2000, dont get them. They arent worth it. The inner walls were cracking after a like 4 months of normal street driving and the every now and then redline. No drifting/autox or anything like that. I would go for the Nittos Nt05 or Bridgestone Potenza RE050 Pole Positons.
  7. The Brigdestone RE11 is a great tire if you are willing to give up a little on tire life for more grip. A couple guys use them at the autocross events I go to and they like them a lot. Not cheap though.
  8. i have the shaker 500 in my 10 GT. the thing that was lacking for me was bass, the factory speakers are decent enough for a non audiophile once you turn the bass down so they don't rattle. i recently had a JL Audio stealthbox installed along with a 500W JL sub amp and OMG did that change the sound quality of the car. The stelthbox is smaller than the shaker 1000 sub in my old 05 and takes up a very small bit of space in the trunk. If more bass is really what you want, check the stealthbox out. the local installer told me to wait until after the stealth install before upgrading the speakers because he though i would like the system once it had some bass and less rattles, he was right. and that was with me standing there ready to buy other speakers for the door and deck.

    FWIW, JL recommended simply disconnecting the 500 subs rather than replacing them, they said the stealth was plenty bass. i left mine connected though.
  9. Is the stealthbox ported or sealed? I've seen one before, it was super small, I'm just wondering what kind of frequency response you're pulling with it... It's a W3 inside of the box, correct?

  10. it's sealed, the W3 is the speaker it uses. i have no idea what frequency response it gets :) I do know it sounds really good and I lost no usable trunk space.
  11. Funny thread, you are dealing with the same two issues I had with mine. Mine has the SVTPP wheels so replacements for the cool weather are tough. Ended up with these Michenlin Pilots.


    Santa brought this Rockford Fosgate 12" 300 watt sub enclosure and it put bass back in my Shelby!