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  1. I had a blow out on the highway a few days ago and I blew three of my tires after the crash. Now I am getting new tires I was wondering what are the best tires for the track and are still good on the street. I want great traction.
  2. Nitto tries are the best for the track and street...but my Firehawk are great around coners and i i am going on my 3rd year with the same set with around 25k and thats a big plus
  3. I like my bfg's they grip real well & look pretty cool too.
    Nitto's aren't bad either they just don't make a 295/35/18 drag radial. BFG does............
  4. Did you crach pretty bad? I just got some Kumho Ecsta Supra 712, i have no complaints with them right now, i really havent tried to race with them yet. My friend in his LT1 has Yokohama AVS ES 100 and he likes those alot. If you want something thats going to be good for the track your best bet would be to by some drag radials.
  5. Nitto Drags aren't bad.. hehehe and I've really had no problem with rain.. and when you get em warm they grip like hell!
  6. i run Kuhmo Ecstas as well....pretty good tire...never been to the track or driven a car on DR's but id say the kuhmos grip decent in a straight line. and are GREAT in the rain and they are a real good price too :nice: .....

  7. Yeah my crash was pretty bad. I did a 360 on the highway. My roommate was a alseep at the time and he woke up when we were going backwards. It was kind of funny. I liked the Kuhmo until then. I want drag radials now.
  8. I would say go with the Nitto's.
  9. How bad is your car? is it wrecked pretty bad? How fast were you going and how old were your tires?
  10. i was going about 80 and the tires are 4 months old. The car just need a little paint work.
  11. which nittos should i go with?
  12. What size rims do you have on your car?
  13. 17 inch Cobra R's
  14. 17x9's,17x10.5's
  15. and about what is the life on the nittios
  16. Get the regular 555's on the front in a 255/40/17 or a 275/40/17 and get 555R's 315/35/17's on the back. It will look killer and won't rub. The nitto's will last you about 15k if you're nice. The front's will last way longer than the backs :D
  17. what life time do you get out of your front's acording do nittio's rating the DR should get 15k (100AA) and the street tire's should get 45k (300AA)...but i dought that.