Tis a sad day for me

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  1. I got into an accident at 12:30 this afternoon I injured my pony. I got a towed to the collision shop. Iwaiting for how much the damage will be, but i wanted to asked you guys what you think. I think Ill need a new hood, left fender, bumper, also my tire rod snapped. plus they will all need to be painted screaming yellow. I am so mad thay my month old car in busted up badly. I was being so carefull with it and taking such good car of it. But I guy I work with ownes a collision shop so me might hook me up a lil bit but what do you guys think it would cost for repairs. :bang: :damnit: :fuss: :( :nonono: :mad:
  2. You want us to give you an estimate on something we cant see/touch?
  3. DoooOOOOoddd...

    2 words come to mind...

    THAT BLOWS! :damnit:

    I have no idea what your "buddy" is going to help you with. Just make sure they are original replacement parts, you get them with a warranty and, if it was me, I would check to see what this will do to the factory warranty. Either way, you need to ensure that you follow you State laws regarding reporting accidents (your insurance company should handle this) and you will want to contact the dealership that you purchased the vehicle from to ask them how this impacts the 3-36,000 warranty especially if you busted a suspension component, etc.

    BTW? Did the air bags inflate? From that sort of damage, it sounds like the SRS should have deployed, but you didn't mention it.

  4. lol, right on fazm, but it sucks gettin g wrecked into, i had some chick rear end me, then she took off down some side streets, luckily it was just a $400 bumper replace....
  5. Sorry to hear of your accident...

    Excellent advice from Jennifer. Don't leave anything to chance. Whatever it is your buddy's shop is going to do, make sure you get it in writing...
  6. Depends on how much parts are gonna be for such a new car? I replaced a quarter panel on a 350z vert. Just the part was $670. Add 20% markup, paint, labor.
  7. well I found out the damage today. My Insurance Co. dropped me so I have to move to another company. BUt since Im an agent it shouldnt be that bad. It's gonna cost around 9,000 to 11,000 duckets and Be in there for around 2 weeks So, I gotta drive my parents JAg until its fixed
  8. B.S. post some pics of the car. no way there is $9000 in damage, unless you are not telling us all thats damaged. for $9000, you better also be getting a new radiator support, radiator, condenser, etc....hood, fender, bumper and suspension is not $9000
  9. How did this accident happen? Why would your company cancel your policy?
  10. Ummmmm....I am not going to get into the legal aspects of your particular case, except to say...Unless you were dropped for non-payment of premium or willful and malicious misrepresentation of facts, your insurance carrier is responsible for the damage if you had a policy inforce on the date of the accident. However, you need a police report to substantiate the loss date, accident facts and initial visual damage report.

    NOW.... honey, the car costs about $14,000 to produce on a GOOD day. I cannot foresee that the items you are purporting to be damaged equating to a figure close to what you are stating.

    I, at this point, would take the 5th amendment under advisement and stop posting regarding this accident. You are on a public forum and EVERYTHING you say can, and will be used against you in the court of law or under mediation.

    I will, for your benefit, state that my mom was in a similiar small MPH bumper stumper in a parking lot in a 2001 Chevy Cavalier and the damage estimate was $5,585 from a reputable body and collision shop. So, we could all be smoking crack here and have really no idea the cost of replacement parts and labor rates. I do know that a few years ago the Ford Explorer had a statistical probability of being totaled due to the replacement part cost alone. So.......I am not here to question your situation. I feel your loss and wish you luck.


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  11. This is my thrid claim in three years, this one is by far the biggest. My last one was my old car exploding, and I had a minor accident about 1 1/2 years ago.
    I took my cuzz who used to run a collision shop. He said I have from frame damage and I will need all new parts, like a HOOD A BUMPER, A FENDER, PAINT, PLUS FIXING WHATEVER is wrong with my frame. I was leaving work at about 12:30 pm I was pulling out from in from of my office I had my signal on to pull out of my spot. I checked and saw no one coming. And as soon as I pulled out and this old brown mini-van was right next to me. It was technically my fault becasue I turned into him. But I later found out the guy was 84 years old. So Im betting him didn't see me pulling out. If he were younger He probably would have slowed down and let me pull out of at let been able to swerve out of the way. But that didnt happen.
  12. Sounds like you still pulled into him no matter what his age.