TJ's Eaton M90 Build-Up Thread

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  1. I went down to autolite 24's and gapped the at about .034
  2. That's very slick, nice job! The first time I saw a BBK Instacharger on eBay, I really wanted it, but there's no support any more any I didn't want to deal with much fabrication.

    It's really cool to see a custom roots setup on a 5.0.

  3. Very cool!

    I was thinking that it would be pretty cool to adapt the explorer DIS to work on an older 5.0, then build an upper intake that would accept an 03/04 cobra blower. With the DIS you could have it sit lower and in the center.
  4. Is there (realistically) any way to get this thing low enough in the engine compartment to not need the raised hood? How about flipping it and using a carb intake? How about using a transfer shaft (or something) to drive the 'charger? I want to do this, but I want the stealth of an OE hood. Any brainstorming?
  5. it would be very tough to get it under the stock hood, I wanted to do it, thought about making a diff upper and mounting it onto the top, but it still wouldnt clear and would of been alot more work. maybe with a carb intake with injector ports you could make up a very short transition onto it but idk. then the pulley wouldnt be long enough so some machine work would be needed. and they way I have it now its about 1.5 inches off the top of the valve cover and it BARLEY clears the 4" hood.
  6. your setup is making me very interested in tackling this project too.

    do you have any pics or dimension of that bracking you made to make that m90 sit there?

    any more pics in general?
  7. I can take more if you want.

    The Bracket I made was a 10"x10" plate of 3/8" thick aluminum. I had to notch it down some to clear the injectors. as for mounting that I used the front 4 valve cover bolts and ran all thread up, nutted down the valve cover then secured the plate down. Now to mount the Supercharger onto that plate I ad 3 Bosses made up, about 1 1/2" tall 1" Diamater, with a 3/8" hole at the machine shop. then set the supercharer ontop on the plate with the bosses under aligned the pulley and marked the holes.

    It does have some idle issues right now, I have the idle set too high and it likes to hang at 2k RPM, I just bought an IAC restrictor plate and im gonna take down the idle a little to see if this will fix it.

    Any other questions I'd be happy to answer :)
  8. awesome.

    any random up close pics would be nice. do you have any of the bracket off the car or just mounted?

    i noticed you cut your A/C line. would it interfere with the belt routing if you kept it?

    did you make that box on the back of the eaton to route to the throttle body?

    when do you plan to hit the dyno? any vids yet? curious how it sounds
  9. Just on the car pics.

    Yeah the A/C line had to be cut to make the belt route right, I added in the idler pulley and the line was right there. I am gonna reconnect it with a piece of tubing routed around that stuff.

    I sorta made that box on the back, I took the part off the thunderbird and cut it off iits TB and welded a cap onto it then drilled out a 3" hole and welded on a little 1.5" stub. Pics Below.

    Dyno prolly middle of next month, vid maybe next weekend if its nice outside.

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    There ya go :nice:

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  10. :nice: was that done with a tig welder? very clean welds

    i bet you could make a few dollars fabbing up kits for people.
  11. i would still be worried about using that intake setup.....not having even flow.

    I had seen one done a while ago, where it was mounted near the pass. side valve cover and then it fed into a stock style intake.....

    but...NICE WORK! i love the homebuilt stuff
  12. Yeah it was done with a tig, My dad did it he was a welder/fabricater for 20 years.

    How would I tell if I wasnt getting even flow?. she runs really smooth and A/F looks good, a bit too much fuel but thats it. Lots of extra power.
  13. when you going to dyno shop?
  14. maybe in 2 or 3 weeks, depending on weather and/or funds.
  15. Wow I didnt realize how much my belt was slipping, the one i had on it was way too long, alternator wasnt even charging right. switched to a belt 2 inches shorter and no more problems, no slippage and full charge :)
  16. im sorry to say this, but there is no way of telling if your getting even flow unless you pull each plug after a plug chop or you melt a piston

    See, even if your running a wideband, etc it will only tell you the group, not each indivudal cyl. This is why intake companies spend thousands on flowbenchs, etc

    I would definatly check plugs immeditally after your first WOT run!

    I am waiting though to see what it makes for boost/power at rpms.

    Another thing, i have heard that these blowers can blow really hot, so i wouldent get crazy on the timing! However you have a setup that can be run through an intercooler if you need
  17. yeah, I got base timing at 8* and the boost timing retard at 2, so at 7 psi its taking out 14* of timing

    Ive had alot of WOT runs =\, ill check them tommorrow night
  18. well I just checked the #4 plug and it looks really good, will check the others tommorrow night.

  19. But if once cylinder out of the group was bad would that throw off that A/F Number pretty good?