TJ's Eaton M90 Build-Up Thread

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  1. For all of us "engineer" types out there, (not literally in my case) I was thinking of mounting the blower case upside down on a Holley flanged 4V manifold that has been modified to accept fuel rails and injectors. I can get my hands on the parts, for mock-up. I'll need to make sure that it clears the dist with enough room for service to the dist/wires. It would make everything else elementary, if it can be done that way. There is also a build where the guy mounted it down on the passenger side of the engine compartment. That's not nearly as "elegant", though. What do you guys think?

    PS, "tjh 566"-If I am heisting your thread with this, I can make a new one. :)
  2. 1) The distributor will probably be in the way, and 2) It looks like the belt won't even be close to lining up.

    When I first saw this thread I was thinking along the same lines as you. The output on the blower looks like it would line up almost perfect on a carb intake. But the more I thought about the more I realized it probably wont work without some kind of custom adapter.
  3. I can build an adapter. ;)
  4. well the problem is the snout is too short, i was gonna do it like that but if you just slap it ontop of the intake it will come up way short, need a longer custom snout to make it work, or some sort of large offset forward, i was gonna do that too but then realised it would be easier to do it how I did it now.

  5. I see what you mean about it being too short. How much too short is it? Maybe the M90 off of a Bonneville SSE would be enough. Looks like it's about 2" longer than the TBird one. How about having an extension machined to fit the front of the drive? Maybe a jackshaft with the right offset so that the JS is sitting on top of the valve cover and not the whole SC?

    "tjh566"--I'll probably end up with the same conclusion that you did, I am just exploring possibilities that no one has really talked about. I appreciate your patience with the questioning of things you've already considered.
  6. Well we brainstromed the extension also, the problem with an extension is that it would put alot of stress on the front bearing, you would need some sort of carrier bearing out at the front of the longer shaft and have that mounted to something (???).

    As for the charger of the boneville, to me it looks totally different, for one it has the built in bypass valve, could be a good thing, and the oulet looks funky on it, not sure exactly whats goin on with that. maybe its something to do with the bypass, Im unsure about that blower, never researched it.

    and Im not sure I understand what a jackshaft is?
  7. A jackshaft is a shaft that is there for the sole purpose of transmitting torque. It would have a bearing and a pulley on each end. I can't find pics anywhere but with it, you could mount the SC so that the SC pulley is right behind the dist and mount the jackshaft over the driver side of the intake to transfer the torque "around" the dist. Hard to describe it with out a picture.
  8. ok, I think I understand what your talking about, could work, sound like alot of work though, but would make for an intersting project.

    Im gonna upgrade to that spyder intake sometime or another, prolly next winter and add the snow performance boost cooler, and do some porting to the blower, hopefully adding another 80hp ;)
  9. Update: See bottom on main post!

    Well, Just put on the new idler pulley, now Im waiting on the longer belt to come in, then Ill have to re-tune this thing. and im still trin to get to the dyno

    With the badly slipping belt and no traction it ran a [email protected] on the 1/8th.
  10. w/a 2.0 60' time that constitues [email protected] in the 1/4
    not terribly impressive yet

    i bet after you fix your issues you will be seeing no more than 104mph
    there's my bet. :nice:
  11. well any more luck on this?
  12. got the pulley on, it doesnt seem to work as good as the orginal setup but the psi drop is less, so it did improve, its in an acceptable range now.

    I got a Carb intake that om converting to EFI, hoping for a more effcient intake setup, ill probly gain 20 hp with it, I dont think im seeing is full potiential with my current set-up, we will see.

    Also Im thinking of closing off those 2 slots and opening up the pressure side of the blower a little, closing the slots will make that thing louder :)
  13. any updates on this yet?