TKO-500 less than 2k miles and no track time.

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by miller92063, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. I am selling this with the bell housing and king cobra clutch for $1800. Still on car so no pics yet. Everything in sig for sale also. Parting out car.
  2. are you into trades of any kind? i have a complete V1 blower set up minus some small oil fittings. (easy to get). also have FMU and really nice by-pass valve to go with? hit me up.. has less than 20k miles no shaft play satin finish... never saw over 10psi
  3. How much for the zex kit?
  4. is the tko a 10 spline and 3.27 1st? how much to ship to eugene, oregon?
  5. It is 3.27 first gear, but i can't remember the spline. I will find out spline and shipping.
  6. Shipping looks like $90-$100. I will need to pull the driveshaft to see what spline it is cause I can't remember. Hopefully I can squeeze that in tomorrow.
  7. $300
  8. alright man. will you do $1800+$100 for shipping with the driveline and shifter included? plus the bellhousing and clutch u were already including. take any pics yet?
  9. Let me know what all u have with it (heater, purge, etc.), and a part number please...
  10. Driveline? If you meant the driveshaft, it has already been sold. I will include the shifter with it. As long as shipping is around the $100-$125 then $100 will be fine. I will need to make a stand out of wood for it to keep it safe while shipping and then get it weighed in. I havent goten any pics yet as it is still on the car. I will try and get under there this week and get it out as I need to get the driveshaft off for the other guy too.
  11. Just the Main computer with window switch, hoses, brackets, and bottle. I remember the purge was acting up and I think it is now broke so it will be thrown out. I think how i had the solenoid set, rainwater got into it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.