Expired Tma Single Turbo Kit For 99-04 V6 - Austin, Tx Area

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  1. TMA single turbo kit for 3.8L V6 Mustang for sale. $2350 / make reasonable offer.

    Never installed. I purchased this kit a few years ago and never got around to installing and I am in the need of the cash more than the parts. I'd like to see these parts go to good use instead of sitting in the boxes on my shelf.
    This kit comes with most of what you would need to bolt on a turbo to a 99-04 3.8L mustang in your garage. I'm not sure what would be involved in doing so, but I assume that this kit can be adapted to fit 94-98 v6's and some other applications as well, with modification. However it was designed to be a complete bolt on kit for 99-04 V6 Mustang.

    Kit includes hot side piping including header to down pipe, intercooler, intake piping, pipe connectors, coolant relocation bottle, braided lines, misc fittings and adapters, wastegate, blow off valve and the Garrett turbo. It's been awhile, but I believe the only major items needed to complete the install was a MAF sensor, a tuner/custom tune, exhaust retrofit to mate with the down pipe.

    Local pick up/meet with cash in the Central Texas / Austin / Surrounding areas is preferred. However I would be willing to meet in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or in between somewhere with a full price offer. Not really considering shipment at this point due to the amount of parts plus the weight and size of piping/turbo.
  2. Please post pics of items for sale per the guidelines for this forum.

  3. Pictures are attached. Additional pictures available upon request. 0810092033-00-SM.jpg 0810092033-03-SM.jpg
  4. Additional pics. DSC05301-SM.jpg DSC05305-SM.jpg
  5. hey is this kit still for sale, and how big is the turbo
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