TMI Seat issues

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  1. As it has been said, theres a BIG difference in the broken down compacted foam and new foam or aftermarket seats. I have installed Flo Fits,Pro Car, newer Mustang seats,Acura seats and other seats in old mustang.Some of them almost touched the roof and with the stock steering wheel, some were unsafe as the wheel touched your legs.
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  2. Ok so I completed the front passenger set this weekend. Again let me state that I hog ringed down down the TMI seat foam on both parts of the seat. (upper and lower) This is how it was done stock so I felt more comfortable doing so.




    I measured my head room inside the car and measured my head height outside of the car with the seats on the floor and the difference between the two seats is an inch and a 1/4 higher. Also you can see the the back height of the seat is also higher. That I like!
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  3. looks a lot more comfortable than the old seat. just looking at the pics just the front padding is higher, the actual seat bottom looks about the same. is there a wire at the last pleat at the front bolster on the bottom part of the seat? and nice job
  4. Yes there is a wire at that last pleat.
  5. Thanks Spirock for all the pics! I majorly appreciate it!