TMI Upholstery for 94 GT Vert

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  1. I am looking to put TMI Upholstery in my 94 GT and wanted to know if I must get the seat foam like the people at TMI say for the front seats? I was just trying to save some money if I don't have to buy the new foams. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. Well, the seat foam in our cars is glued to the seat covers, so you'll tear the heck out of the foam to get it off. You'll get a much better look by buying their foam and replacing it all.
  3. i think [email protected] lurks around these parts, he'll probably come in a set the story straight.
  4. I think he does! Thanks for the shout out.


    94BluePony, Do you HAVE to? Yes and No.

    It all depends on what upholstery of ours you are getting. If someone told you that you do, then you may be getting one of the upgraded covers we supply. ( Cobra, Mach1) If you are getting a factory cover. Then no you don't HAVE to. Would I recommend it? Yes.

    Like it's been said there is glue involved and you may gauge out piece of foam, not to mention your foam is now almost 20 years old.

    Which upholstery were you planning on getting?