Tmi Upholstery Users Are You Happy W/ Your Purchase?

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  1. Lets hear it, TMI slip-on upholstery yay or nay? I got an estimate from a trans-gender upholstery dude for $850. This was would cover (pun intended) front and rear in vinyl. I'm not certain but I'm kinda thinking that doesn't include new foam. I can get the tmi kit with foam through cj pony for $670. Would y'all take er to a pro or do the tmi? Or a 3rd option would be to take the tmi stuff to Charro and have er slip em on.
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  2. It's just like anything else that you'd attempt to do to a car.
    What are you willing and capable of doing?

    I've used the upholstery. I used the mach-1style in the last project. Changed the front sport seats over to SVO foam, and covered the rear seat to match.

    Firstly, they are not as easy as "slip on". The upholstery fits very tight and has to be rolled on ( Think puttin' panty-hose on your seat).
    Nextly, there are several anchor bars that slip into pockets sewn into the seat upholstery that have to be hog-ringed to the seat frame as you do that. There are two particularly tough vertical bars that "blind anchor" through holes in the frame that hold the seat back tightly against the frame.
    There is an entire thread on here somewhere where I recovered the front seats in that SVO seat style in technicolor w/ really close-up shots that make my arms look like they are so hairy you'd think I'm a primate.

    I managed, but it was far from easy. But when it was done, they looked great.
    The only complaint I could have if I had one, was that the seats "sat" higher than I liked. Even the SVO foams made me feel like I was an inch too high from where I wanted em to be.

    **Here,..I even dug that up for you......for free.

    And people think I'm not helpful around here......sheesh.:nonono:
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  3. TMI upholstery gets 2 Thumbs up from me:nice::nice:
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  4. Thanks Goose, great write. Hmm.. I think I could do it and it'd come out fair but it sounds like a 'b'. I think I'll see what the dude would charge to put the tmi stuff on and decide from there.
  5. It's not that bad. You could more than likely handle it. I did it in my garage in about a day and a half. I took my time and it turned out pretty nice.
    It was worth the time, effort, and cost savings.
  6. We didn't have much luck with the TMI foam for an SN. Had to trim the crap out of the foam to keep your head from rubbing on the headliner.

  7. Bummer
  8. I had TMI leathers in my black car, liked them for the the three months i was able to use them before mother nature decided that i didnt need that car anymore.

    850 for vinyl is to high, I supplied the leather that I found online and have have right at a grand , material and labor, in these. Fronts, back and door trim panels with enough leather for several repairs if need be.
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  9. Thanks man, looks good. If you don't mind me asking about how much was the labor?

    *Edit* So you just bought like a ream of leather and brought it to em?
  10. This was a year and a half ago but material and labor was like 450-500 each. She said last year labor on the same flo-fit seats would be 750, they were a PITA 26 or so panels in each seat. That still puts you at 1200 for leather. I think it was Burnetts Village .com or something like that where i found the leather.
  11. $185 per hide. How many did it take?
  12. My brother had the same problem with the foam.. We both have convertibles, you almost need to put the top down to fit. The upholstery part of the seats look good though. Maybe just buy the covers with no foam.
  13. I'm worried when I pull the old covers off the foam will rip and come w it. Which brings me to my next question, what is everyone doing about the rear if this is the case? They don't sell rear foam
  14. The back seat will look like new when you strip it. It only sees a fraction of the "butt" time that the fronts do.
  15. Got ya. Thanks man
  16. Sue from Fast and Loud is down the way a little but their shop gets mixed reviews. Everything from good to back alley crooks. Seedy part of town as well.
  17. Those kind of businesses are always located in a seedy part of town. It's a way to keep costs down. She probably gives much better service to her premium customers, and not so good service to people off the street. Either way, I don't think you need a custom interior made for your car; just good quality aftermarket stuff.

  18. Previous owner used TMI stuff to redo front and rears. It makes the porno red interior actually not that bad. I would go for it.
  19. IIRC the TMI leather covers for my old car were in the 650 range, this was a few years back. It looked good, I was happy with it. 102_2544.jpg