tmoss lower has arrived

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  1. Tmoss lower intake arrived today but I won't be able to install until next weekend. I think I'm going to try and have a dyno pull a few weeks to a month after, hope I'm not disappointed. If the dyno shows 0-5 hp gain I'd feel jilted a little due to the money, effort, and car in pieces for weeks.
  2. Did you have him port it for a particular head or gasket?
    How much did it cost you (if you don't mind)?

    Pics????? ;)
  3. Charges:
    • Labor for porting HO lower intake you send us for E7/Gt40 heads - $160
    • Option: Solvent tank, R&R oil baffle(s) bead blast, coat with 500°F clear ceramic engine enamel - $25 (see attached picture)
    • Return insured shipping - $30 (add $5 for NY,NJ,MD, RI,FL,NV,ID,MT,WY,CO,AZ,NM add $10 for WA,OR,CA) or purchase a return shipping label from the carrier when you ship and place it in the box with the money order. USPS stamps are NOT acceptable as it has always cost me more to return ship than the amount of postage stamps sent. I did the prepaid shipping route and total paid was like $245 labor/shipping
    here is a link to his site describing the work

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  4. I almost bought a 95 cobra upper and lower (lower was ported by moss as well) for $400 but I went this route instead. Oh and this is going on a 95, not the 90
  5. I run one of Tom's intakes on my stock-ish coupe. It is a fun car to drive.
  6. cool man, I'm looking forward to getting er runnin. If you could do it over again would you have went w the moss lower or opted for something else?
  7. Iv'e had Tmoss's ported intakes a few times'll get a good hit for your money, and it'll wake it up.
    Throwing on a ported lower isn't comparable to a set of AFR's...but everything helps....:nice:
  8. Oh I hear ya bout heads vs intakes I'm just hopin for a lil gain and no placebo
  9. I had a 302 combo with Thumper E7s with a spring upgrade, Steeda 19, Tmoss worked 93 Cobra, LT's and 19 inj's and dyno'd at 302 FWHP. Stock FWHP is 220 so I'd say those type of warmed over parts work. Was a snappy motor. It's the whole combo though... I can see your point on just adding the lower.
  10. yeah we'll see how it goes. I'd be happy to see a gain of 10 to the wheels or so, not holding my breath but maybe.. Car is stockish, fresh motor stock e7 upgraded springs w 3 ang valve job, .512 lift comp cam
  11. For me and my car I would not change a thing. It is a mild combo that I run with some iron GT40 heads and a cam. I wanted stock appearing, but more than power than stock.
  12. hear ya, wish I had better heads but I got what I got
  13. Just depends on your setup. If you are doing a budget build its not a bad route!
  14. It is an easy topic to search here and other sites that will yield plenty of results. I'm sure someone has done the exact mods and probably has dyno or track times.
  15. I've researched it to death. Some say seat of pants, one guy reported no gain on dyno, some report a couple tenths quicker in the 1/4.
  16. 90lx..... did you ever get the tmoss ported intake installed? I need to replace a leaking intake gasket and am thinking of doing this while its off.
  17. I sure did man, put it on a 95 gt and I like it. She seems to be a little less "asthmatic" and pulls harder than before. The other day I had some subframe connectors put on and then I changed the oil and took er for a run. She shot up to 120 mph pretty quick.
  18. Curious....but why did you stay with the stock intake? An Explorer intake can be had dirt cheap now a days and you could have sent that out to TMOSS for porting and probably made 20hp+ instead of the single digit gains you probably actually made? Not trying to be antagonistic, just wanting to understand your logic regarding this?

    Porting the stock intake was the ticket when that was pretty much your only option outside a new expensive aftermarket unit, but the Explorer units have opened up a whole new avenue of cheap used intake and will make a lot more power for the money? Not to mention there are plenty of used aftermarket intakes out there years later that can be had now for what you paid for the labour and shipping on this one? I got my near mint Trick Flow Track Heat for all of $80 more than you paid for your modified stocker last summer at a local flea market. Came with sensors, coolant tube and everything? :shrug: