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  1. anyone have info on his porting work or a web site that gives the info? has anyone had their stock lower intake ported by him, and if so did it work?
  2. I have heard/read that he does awesome work very professional job and pretty cheap for the work he does heres his web page
  3. thanks for the web link but all i get is a ton of pop ups.
  4. Tom does professional quality porting for about 1/4 the price of what the "big names" charge. Simply put: he knows his chit. :)

  5. I can vouch for it. Should have some new #'s by the end of the month on how much it improved my ET's. I can definitely feel the SOTP though. Pulls quite a bit harder at the top of the tach.

    He said his ported stock lower flows nearly as much as the stock cobra manifold and his can be had for a lot less money. Plus it still used the stock upper so its a little under too.

    He'll prob chime in here soon and give you the details.
  6. The link does work but some pop-ups will happen as it's a free website. My email link is on the left side of the site for questions.

    You can find some dynos and results by clicking on the "My Garage" under by Bill the Cat avatar. Edit: Just found the pics are not comming up in the My Garage - right click and use "open link" and they will appear.

    Done 100s of all types of intakes for guys on all the major forums.
  7. I have a ported Performer from Tom. Exellent work, exellent port matching.


  8. I may send my Edelbrock lower to him soon.
  9. I got one.150 bucks,and it got me a tenth in the 1/4.Didnt lose any bottom end torque either
  10. I had my stock lower ported by him and was really happy with the gain.
  11. my buddy (Jerry) had him do his lower - Jerry loved it. he was really impressed with Tom's work!
  12. After seeing Jakes picture, it reminded me about something...

    The key to making good airflow is having a straight shot into the intake port of the cylinder head. Most intake manifolds (including Edelbrocks) don't have a perfectly straight shot into the head. Tom does an awesome job of straightening the runners for improved airflow. The turns are smoothed out and opened up to the gasket you want. Very good stuff....

  13. I ran a ported stock lower that Tmoss did, and now the new motor has a Tmoss ported gt40. VERY nice work. I was lucky to be able to watch him port my gt40. He showed me alot of the problems in the casting as well as explained the idea/theory to what he was doing. Not to mention he was preaty darn quick at it and made it look realy easy.

    The Tmoss stock intake was a realy good mod, the port sizes were the exact same size as the intake ports on the stock unported gt40 iron heads. He could not have done a better job, and this was without seeing or knowing what to match them to, just his port work that he does to all the stock lowers.

    Now with the build in the final steps along with a few unexpected pop ups I hope I can get some good numbers soon for Tmoss and Thumper.
  14. That reminds me of another thing.... :D

    I threw a snap gauge, mic, and digital caliper to different spots in the manifold and all were dead on with eachother. The port mouths were within +/- 0.05 of eachother. The runners were the same way.

    Just thought I'd give more props....:D

  15. i have one on the car..........changed my car's low end quite a bit.............and also gave it some top end grunt.....When i get my new intake.....i am still having the lower ported....and if i do .......Tom will do it...

    the other thing he does is weld the runners on the inside so that he can port to straighten the runner without breaking through the port wall on the intake runners for #1 and #5

  16. does he polish the intake as well? (the interior, for increased ease of flow...)?? so, the common phrase of "port and polish" :D
  17. does getting the lower ported hurt torque or do you lose the low end?
  18. If you mean smooth as in Extrude Hone smooth - no. There is a slightly rough feel to the walls from the finioshing bit I use. Polishing does nothing for flow on an intake. Properly done, porting an intake will not loose torque assuming other pieces are not changed that CAN cuse a torque loss - like the cam.
  19. I also have a ported lower and I was happy with the results. I have never dynoed or taken my car to the track so im just going on SOTP. :nice:
  20. You know, I noticed that he had done that on the one I bought and didnt realize why. Makes perfect sense when you put it that way. And I concur NO loss in low end grunt with my ported stock lower. Looks like there are a lot of happy Tmoss customers on here. :hail2: