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  1. So in the last 16 months I have purchased 2 Mustang GTs. from a dealer here in Vegas. They were very good sales paid a bit less than sticker for both, we seem to have a glut of GTs here in town. I have called that dealer Friendly Ford, also Team Ford, Ford Country and Gaudin Ford. I just called all of them again today and yesterday once pretending to be a new customer and then the other times giving my real name and talking to sales people that I have in the past. All three of them said the same thing, there is no order placement for the GT500 yet, they have no pricing and will not even try to force an order through. I informed them of this site and the order guide the response again to a dealer was the same. Thats great it is just that a guide we can not order something from a guide that has no prices to us yet. They did all say they have no idea what the allotment would be or if it would go for over MSRP or for how much.

    To add to this some cali dealers
    Raceway Ford in Riverside--- no idea either or order taking

    Fairview Ford San Bernadino No idea or info or order taking

    NOW HERE IS THE KICKER from what many of you say is the largest Ford dealer GALPIN, Debra Marin 818-756-5980, She said they are only taking names and numbers and will contact people when they have more info. They have ZERO price info or allotment, she refused an offer for a deposit to make a better place in line for me.

    So who is full of crap?? It seems there are a ton of dishonorable dealers out there, if so many of you have ordered from them. Several of the dealers I called said they would not consider taking someones deposit because it is unfair to hold someones money when they have no clue as to what when or how to order something.

    Do I want one? heck yes but it seems to me many of you have been fed a line of bull and fell for it.

    Even more of an update from Danny Brown at Dale Jarrett Ford in Charlotte 704-261-1069.
    They have no idea how many they are getting. They have a list of over 400 people. When they get them they are planning on doing a silent auction for them. He said Ford in the last 2 weeks have changed numbers and may be producing over 10 thousand of the cars and that if the case is such then a silent auction may not be needed.
  2. Very interesting!

    I can't explain why some dealers would be ordering and others not, but I believe my Shelby is at least ordered.

    I have been dealing with my Ford dealership for a long while and have a very good relationship with them. I have been a loyal customer to them and they have always let me know that they appreciate my business.

    About a year ago, I learned from the net that there was going to be a Shelby Mustang. My dealership heard it first from me. I have talked and visited with them nearly every month since then, updating the information and loading pictures on their computer and such. Since early on, they had told me that I would be the first to get a Shelby from them.

    They refused to talk deposit until they received official word of what was going on. When the word started filtering to them from the actual Ford reps, they told me they really didn't know whether they would sell them out right or hold auctions. I knew I couldn't compete very far into an auction, so I didn't let my hopes go up on actually getting the car.

    Finally, about the middle of February, my salesman called me to tell me that their general new car sales manager had decided to go with the auctions. He asked me to come down and look over their Stage 2 Roush that they had added a supercharger to just to see if I might be happy with that. I like all Mustangs, including the Roush, but I wasn't interested in buying an expensive Mustang, I wanted to buy a Shelby! I actually accepted the news pretty well. I suppose I never really had my hopes up of getting a Shelby anyway!

    Well a couple of weeks go by and I get another call from them telling me that they had fired the sales manager and held a meeting with everyone in which they had decided to sell the Shelbys to their "loyal customers". I knew from the conversation that they were going to tag on some money above MSRP, but he didn't come right out and say it then.

    So, I roll around there and find my good friend the sales manager and he was looking for me to come in. He verified all the above and told me that they had decided on $5k over MSRP and that he had me in mind when he came up with that figure. I still view it as a reasonable mark-up. He still would not take a deposit because he had nothing official from Ford yet.

    The first week in March he gave me a call on Thursday night while I was out to dinner with the family. I couldn't reach him Thursday or early Friday so, I called my salesman. He told me that they had gotten confirmation that they would receive three Shelbys and they wanted me to come on in and lay down a deposit. My wonderful wife went straight there and gave them $1k.

    15 March, the sales manager called and told me it was time. We went down and sat with the dealership VP and ordered the Shelby. I received a printout of the order. It is essentially the same document that I received when we ordered our 05 Mustang GT in November 04. I have been driving it for over a year now.

    I think you understand by this that I have faith in my dealership, especially my salesman and sales manager. I will continue to believe that my order has actually been placed and that it has progressed as far as Ford will allow them to be progressed to this point. I don't suppose that document is legally binding, but I think it will take a change in heart by myself or a directive from someone above the folks at my dealership to prevent my getting this car.
  3. I just placed my order The dealer had to find out if they were getting any once he found out they had 2 coming to them they were more then happie to make a deal i new i a buddy that wanted one and asked if he could get the same deal as i did and he called within 5 min. and made the same deal i did. I dont thing the dealer knowingly would take a deposit on a car they cant get. Why would they no one likes to give refunds
  4. At this point any dealership can put in any orders they want to for the shelby, however that doesnt guarantee that they will actually get what they put in when it comes to quantity. We have ordered 2 at our deaslership (1 coupe and 1 vert), but to keep this serious we refuse to take ANY downpayment simply because its too early to get peoples money for something you have no clue what will cost. Specially with the high demand, this will change the figures at many dealerships, including smal ones like the one I work at. We did however send in the $1500 to get the certificate to be able to sell the car. Also I have taken the 2 shelby tests to become certified , since any dealership that wants to be able to sell the shelby MUST have a shelby certified sales person.( I volunteered even though Im just the F&I).
  5. Quote" I dont thing the dealer knowingly would take a deposit on a car they cant get. Why would they no one likes to give refunds"

    Well then all the dealers I called lied to me, or your dealers are dishonest, why would a dealer take your money??? It is called free money to gain interest on, and car dealers are not the most honest of the worlds sales force.

    You guys continue to think and feel what you want about your orders, I on the other hand will err on the side that says you cant have an order yet.
  6. I read in one of the other threads where they may be sold regionally beginning with the east and west coasts. Perhaps, it was in fact just the east coast. I read over many of the posts from guys able to place their orders, and nearly all of them were from the east coast. Most are from Florida, some from the Carolinas, a Georgia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, etc. A lot of states east of the Mississippi.

    Maybe Ford is staggering the ordering process to spread out the demand. It would seem smart to do something like that.

    I too have purchased two GTs in the past couple of years (my 04 had less than 6100 miles on it when I traded for the 05) from the same dealer. My son just got a used 03 Mach 1 from them. I have always been treated fairly by my dealership. I won't believe they are suddenly sticking a knife in my back. My salesman and sales manager are straight shooters.

    In all honesty, your posts seem to be derived from a bit of jealousy that others have the GT500 on order and you do not. A bit of sour grapes, so to speak. If I were in that boat, I would at least be envious of them.

    That being said, there is plenty of stuff that can come from above the folks we know and trust that can "turn the tide of events" and ****** that GT500 away from us. If that should happen, such is life. It is just a car.

    It is just such a great car!
  7. Sour Grapes??? PLease I am a 40 year old fellow who posted real info from real dealers whom seem to be telling the truth. Would I like one of these cars? Yes I already said as much, but I will not fall prey to dealers who want to hold thousands of my dollars on something they simply can not order.Your post proves many of my points, you are getting conflicting info from many different unknown sources.
  8. Maybe not sour grapes but a pessimist for sure. I ordered mine from a dealership in California today owned by a friend of mine who had been given an allotment of one. He could not make any guarantees on delivery date or MSRP, but he ensured me that the order was placed.

    The only other information he had was that 2007 Mustang production would begin late May, early June, but he could not tell me if they would start with the Shelbys or regular Mustang. Hope everyone else gets what they want for a reasonable price.
  9. I've got mine ordered as well. Written contract for $2K over MSRP, the dealer has paid his $1,500 for the certification, Ford has guaranteed they will get one, my order has been entered into the Conceps system. Just waiting for the DORA.
  10. I work at a Ford Dealership - we paid our $1500 and have taken our certification tests - so I know for a fact we are getting the 2 we ordered and are allotted.

    Every dealer seems to be handling this matter the way they want to.
    Some take money some don't - it's all up to the dealer principals and what they prefer to do.
  11. The only conflicting info I have seen is from you. 40 years old, huh? I was a junior in high school when you were born! Your real info is not enough evidence for me. In my opinion, your original post insinuates that guys that have posted where they have ordered the car are liars, or at least mistaken, because your opinion is the only one that can be correct.

    Apparently, you do not intend to place a deposit on a GT500 because you fear your dealer is not being honest with you or intends to collect interest on your money. I trust my dealership and giving up the interest on my $1k deposit seems a small enough price to secure my place in line!

    I can send you a copy of my order confirmation if you like.
  12. Ford has been ACCEPTING orders ever since the order guides were published. That has been documented as fact. To my knowledge, Ford has not CONFIRMED they are building any of those orders yet, and until they do so, you are not (officially at least) getting the car you ordered. There is nothing unusual about this process, it is the same one all major manufacturers follow. I bought a C6 Corvette convert last year and they followed exactly the same proceedure. The order was placed by the dealer, it took a while (4 weeks) for the order to be confirmed as the dealer had to earn his allocation of converts, and then one day out popped the order confirmation and the car was built a few weeks later. Placing the order is the first step in the process. Its just a matter of time until Ford starts issuing confirmations.

    It doesn't surprise me that larger Ford dealers who have tons of Mustang owners calling every day about possibly ordering a Shelby are telling them they can't "order" one yet. Why waste the time? If Ford won't confirm an order, or even guarantee how many they will get.... No doubt their meagre allocation was spoken for a long time ago anyway. Most salesmen don't waste time and energy on things they can't concert to hard orders. I wouldnt.... It simply doesn't pay the bills. When I stop by my dealer, eager salesmen come pouring out trying to interest me in a Rousch or Saleen already sitting on the lot. They don't want to talk about Shelbys!
  13. I am not saying those who think they placed orders are the liars, the DEALERS are. Your right I would never in a million years place a deposit on a car that I cant order yet. Sure the dealer is taking your orders, but they are not being sent to ford, they cant. Send your paperwork or post I dont really care, I was just stating the facts as per dealers that I have phoned and seen in person. Unlike you I do not trust my dealer or any other dealer to hold 1 dollar of my money, never have never will. Again I would love to have one of these cars but I am not going to have stars in my eyes over it and give the dealers anything they want. And the proof for me is right here in the dealers I would work with that they wont even take a deposit from me.
  14. speco2006,

    Suggest you read over marham51's reply just before your post. He seems to have good insight on things and is an Official Member. He mentions that Ford has not issued any confirmations and I agree with that. The confirmation I have is merely a printout of the order as it was put into the system by my dealership. It has the dealership number and an order number. The VP told me to have that order number when ever I wanted to call to check on the progress of the car. I believe that the actually building will not begin before June as I have read on this forum several times.

    I hope that all of us that want one of these GT500s will be able to get one. All of us know that won't happen. First, you have to be able to afford it! Then, you have to establish yourself in line somewhere to be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

    I wish good luck to you and maybe on down the road we can compare our new Shelbys!
  15. I was an official member once, but that was 2800 posts ago :)
  16. I would have to agree with the original thread. Our local SVT dealer in Tulsa would not take an order since they had no idea of pricing or allocation. They said they could place blind orders but there is not guarantee that the orders would go through based on how many of the GT500's they were going to get.

    SVT told me that pricing would be coming out with the 2007 order books, first part of April.

    So we are taking a wait and see.
  17. I don't know if Ford is doing this with the GT500, but in the past with other new models Ford has intentionally scheduled east & west coast orders first. The reason is that Ford wants them showing up at the dealers around the same time and it simply takes longer to ship them to the west coast and east coast than to the mid west.
  18. Well in this case that makes no sense, I would consider here in Vegas and Cali where I checked the west coast, and DJ Ford the east coast. It is simple they are not ready at Ford to take the orders from the dealers, they have zero time table or price release, all speculation and rumours.
  19. GT500 orders

    In march 2001 i talked to my dealer about ordering a 2001 SVT cobra. The dealer stated that ford had not decided if they were going to build that model. They took a deposit placed an order ( they also ordered 4 more that day my salesman showed me the invoices) and told me it would be at least 6 to 8 weeks before we would know if ford was going to proceed with the build. The 3rd week of may i got my vin number. The same process is going on now. Dealers are taking orders, deposits and filing invoices and ford is going to try to fill the orders when the scheduled build dates happen.
  20. I am on the list here in SW florida and my dealer has basically said the same. No orders until pricing is set and they know what their allocation is. I am number 6 on a very long list.