To buy a 96 svt?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by DominatingV8, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. Hey guys i got a little predicament on my mind.
    I got a 99 gt vert and my father has found a 1996 stang vert at home that he is lookin at and im tryin to see if its a good deal. The guys wants to just get rid of it.
    Here are the specs.
    1996 Black Mustang Cobra Convertable
    Tan top with tan leather
    26,000 original miles
    4.10 gears
    svo underdrive pulleys
    svo lowering springs front and rear
    17" Cobra R chrome rims
    Absolutely Mint Condition
    Never seen snow or salt
    Has has 2000 miles in the last 2 years and has bene garaged
    and i think a few other minor things.

    The blue book on it is 13,000 i think
    and the guy said yea thats fine but if you make me a reasonable offer i will take it.
    What do you guys think about it and what i should offer him...
  2. If you can get past the assugly color combo, its a great deal. What's the deal with tan interiors on black cars? :nonono:
  3. Maybe to you it's not so nice, but other people might like it.
  4. Blue Book Trade-In is $9,5XX, and Private Party is mid $11K.

    Offer somewhere in-between and see what he says. You could always negotiate a little more, but don't let him use the mods for any consideration.

    Also, don't let the fact you or pops is an enthusiast get in the way. No reason to overpay when something better will come along for less then $13K. Remember, this is still a 9 year old car real soon.
  5. I don't know where this guy gets his information, but if you go to it shows high book at $15,043 and low of just under $13k. I stand by my previous comment. You don't wear brown shoes with black pants. :notnice:
  6. HA HA HA HA HA. LOL :rlaugh:
  7. Anyone else?

    Do any of you guys have any pics of what that car would look like because i am at school and am not able to see it... Thanks
  8. I agree on the matching thing, but honostly the tan isnt that bad w/ the black, its just bad on its own...kinda ugly, but nevertheless i would offer the guy 11 and go from there. I would not go over 12500. If the BB is 13K and he wont take 12500-hes an AHOLE and probably drives his stang like one..ahaha good luck man sounds like a nice car w/ nice light mods, SLAP ON A VORTECH S-TRIM AND WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun times... :nice:
  9. What about any past damage or service records (run a CARFAX as well)? Regular maintenance (records)? Can you test-drive it or have it checked out by a mechanic? :shrug:

    It sounds like a very well-cared for Cobra, but remember that he may not budge if you are only offering "blue-book" on it. :shrug:
    It all depends on how much the car is worth to the buyer. Fore example, some people will pay a little extra for a one-owner car that was hardly ever driven, and well maintained...blah.
  10. yeah the car has been serviced and well taken care of through all of the mechanical aspects. and he has taken it for a drive and says it rides very well and could not find a single thing wrong with it.
    Yeah the owner knows that the blue book is 13k on it but he said make him an offer and he will most likely take it because he needs to just get rid of it...