to cat or not to cat is the?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by elmo0244, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I have a bassani o/r x pipe should i put that on or buy a magnaflow x pipe with cats and cat back for 700.00 from rpm outlet what do u guys think? :shrug:
  2. What year car are you putting it on? I have a bassani X/w cats and the Magnaflow CB on my 03 and it sounds real good, also if your state does a visual inpection it will pass. I would say go with the full Magnaflow set up. :nice:
  3. If you have the emission inspections and don't want to worry about swapping the stock pipe on and off I'd get the catted pipe...if you don't have emissions, or if you don't mind swapping back and forth, get the o/r pipe...
  4. Agreed.

    If you have emissions to deal with and/or want it quieter....cats.

    No emissions to worry about and you want cats. :nice:
  5. which puts out more horses and torque
  6. Uh, no cats.
  7. fire red 03 cobra
  8. A catted Magnaflow X & matching catback for $700 sounds like a good deal to me. But, since you already have an X pipe, why not just purchase the catback alone so you don't have to buy a second X pipe? :shrug: That is, unless you want to switch to the quieter (catted) X pipe...
  9. i say go with the bassani, i have that with my maganpacks and it sounds beastly, of course i will have to switch it out every two years for smog, but i don't mind it right now.
  10. guys i just bought the magnaflow catback and i'm thing about welding some magnaflow cats in the pipe. i would try the bassani cats but there big bucks and here they dont last as long as the magnaflows.
  11. If you want to weld in cats (which is a good alternative to purchasing an entire new midpipe), run a search over on Google for "Car Sound catalytic converters." Car Sound is the parent company of Magnaflow, that's all. I'm sure many places like Jeggs or Summit carries them online - try calling them up! :cheers:
  12. ebay got some for 65.00 each high flow magnaflow think thats a good deal or not? :shrug:
  13. Catco cats are probably the best high flow cat you can buy. I just recently bought one for my truck from this place. Universal cat is all you need. $50 shipped for one.
  14. Magnaflow rep here-

    65 is a good price for the Car Sound Magnaflow converters......but you want to make sure you are getting the 94 series or the 93 series, if you use the 53 series you will burn them up.....

    Magnaflow converters are the industry standard when it comes to high flow converters....
  15. thanks for the info