to chip or not to chip?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by 2klaseredstang, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I have a 2000 v6 w/an auto i have exhaust and cai so far but don't want to go to gears yet so i want to get a chip my question is there any dangers in getting a chip? And if there is minimal risk what is the best chip for my car(ford chip, diablo,hypertech?)
  2. a chip won't do you any good with your current mods. About the best it would do for you is firm up the shift points / raise rev limiter / raise speed limiter. If I were you, I'd wait until getting the gears.....then get a chip, that way your speedo would be accurate.

    Usually the chips do the most good after power adders
  3. Might as well do the PCV, EGR, and Mil Eliminator deletes with an off road x-pipe. The latter only if you feel like going that route (long tube headers).
  4. so a chip would be worthless unless i put some more mods into it? so then would headers be the next best thing for the price range b/c gears and a tlock would be way to expensive???
  5. IMO, Gears and T-Loc are definately worth it, but you might as well get some long tubes, delete the O2 Sensers, and throw in an H or X pipe, as well as the EGR/PCV delete. All of those with the exception of the the T-Loc and one of the either EGR/PCV mods would require a chip.

    I forgot which one, either the PCV or EGR would though a code and require a chip. you could either delete the O2 sensers or spend a little on mil eliminators. I just think that waiting till you get a bunch of mods together beforeyou go and order a chip. That way, later down the road, you won't have to keep gettnig the chip reburned every single time you make a modification. Just trying to save you some dough. :nice:
  6. the pvc thing is easy just take the tube off and put a breather in. At this point you should get underdrive pullies, and if you got the money and skills perhaps a cam swap...
  7. Oops, forgot about the UD pullies. They don't require a chip though.