To coat or not to coat. that is the question. To weep....

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  1. Anyway I got my 17" bullit rims yesterday. I was wondering what everyones opinions would be on powder coating the rims (minus the center caps of course) white. I think adding these darker gray or whatever they are would throw too many colors into the car and make it just an eye I was just wanting some opinions. One wheel has some minor curb rash for about 3 inches along the outside of it so that would cover it up (another plus to pc'ing)

    Anyone have any pics of what this would look like by the way?

  2. poewder coat them black and crome the lips
  3. god no. the whole reason im worried about this is because i dont want to make it look like a rice rocket.
  4. lol, that would make them look like... the black ones... lol, i would think that the poawder coated white would look better on your yeller car that the charcoal, my bro had powder coated white cobra rims on his white 94' looked dayum g00d!

  5. uuuhhh....don't you think white looks kinda ricey?? to me black would not look good either on your car.

    white and yellow??...your car definately would scream bright then, you'd need shades to stop it from blinding you. :cool:
  6. There is a yellow GT that works at the local grocery and has the charcoal bullits. I think it looks great.
  7. yeah i think yellow and white is a no. but if u want to match yur top
  8. the white I was going to put there was to match the top, interior, styling bar, etc. So if you are saying no white and no black what would you suggest?

    Also that yellow GT probably also is a coupe isnt it? with that probably dark windows so it's more of a bumble bee type look, lol. I just am not sure what to do, but I really don't want to put the gray ones on there as they are I dont think it'll look too great.
  9. Powdercoat them yellow!!!!!!!!!1. :rlaugh:

    Black would look like a bumble bee...your right on that. Silver or grey looks descent with yellow. I think white would look to loud with yellow. Do what you want though. ITS YOUR CAR!!!. :NICE:
  10. I'm looking at your car right now, and I think white would actually look pretty good, as well as being a little different. I'd also suggest throwing some white stripes on the car as well like you already did on the sides.
  11. I have had various rocks and such flying up and chipped the s*it out of my hood so i'm going to get two stripes painted down the center of it (which will conveniently cover those chips). I'm just waiting to get the GT bumper cover so it will all line up nicely.

    I think that the silver/gray will be just so many colors it will hurt to look at i'm going to see about maybe flat white (if they even make such an option)

    Also, I have hte option of doing the "face" of the wheel..just the outer part, or for 20 bucks more per wheel the inside of it also...I dont see much point in the inside since that stays so dirty with brake dust and such but would I be ticked off if i didnt have them do that?
  12. i know that the front ones atleast, (on my bros 01' convertible gt) with MY rims on them =P, the isides were cmpletely black, and it looked like the were supposed to be, but no, massive amounts of brake dust, because he has new larger cobra disc brakes in front X_X
  13. Here's a thought, maybe bronze or copper color coating? How do you think that could look?
  14. nine? were you actually trieng to say something or what that a random utterence? NEIN!
  15. Bronxe or Copper would look completely ghetto. The next mod after that should be the dome light/chandelier swap! :notnice:
  16. lol....bronze would be the poor ghetto gold sorry i appreciate the thought but its just funny.

    but no..i think the star pipe would come before the chandelier lol
  17. maybe u shuld put teh ub3r bubble exhaust, were talking some seriouse horsepower if u get that kit...
  18. lol. here's some pics i just took of a wheel then i propped it up on the car to see how it would look. i've had some friends reccomend gunmetal coating...i just dont want it to be too many colors on the car which i think will basically terrorize your eyes...but white may do that as well lol
    sorry for quality of the pics its late and the cam is kinda old.


    and i know i have wheel wells big enough to smuggle mexicans in with....but next mod is an underdrive pully then the springs :)
  19. now just a second, what are the color of the 40th anniversary edition mustang wheels? you know the ones that come with the stripes and such...they're almost a copper/bronze finish