To coat or not to coat. that is the question. To weep....

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  1. nice feet cleetus :nice:

    como estas taco bell!?
  2. buy chrome bullits they will look better on the yellow car.
  3. well...i already bought these's a pic i put one on while it was jacked up today

  4. get some shoes for dem feets stop just taking pictures with no tires on them crack head!? :fuss:
  5. lol, yes then he would have to take his feet off to powder coats them, then back on again afterwards!? no?
  6. My friend took photoshop to the picture I posted before and made it white..he likes it...i'm not too sure lol.

  7. white rims = rice :shrug:
    I don't see what's wrong with them now. Anyways, my main concern is that you lower that beast.
    My 2 cents
  8. yeah...i just told my girlfriend "hold scared...i just saw my car with white rims" lol

    here's some pictures i copied/pasted for comparison


    I think i'm going to stay with them as matches up with the tails...then if i do the white racing stripe dow nthe center thats gonna be enough.
  9. Do you like that side stripe on your car? I had one on mine (white stripe on black), but I took it off. It didn't look too bad, however, the car looks much more...mmm...cleaner.
  10. i'd leave them as is...i dont mind the look of them at all...when i hear "powder coated white rims", i think of this one kids hyundai (spelling?)
  11. or you could paint them red for that nice ronald mcdonald look...

    just a thought.:shrug:
  12. lol, nice one =P
    not only that, but the red will give you +10 hp to the bum!
  13. no ghoststalker, you are thinking backwards. if the R on the car is red, that is where you get the 10 rwhp. lol.
  14. Those photochops are TERRIBLE! Those don't even come close to looking like white rims.
  15. yeah, id thought i wouldnt insult his photoshop skillz...
    obviousely i didnt do this, but i have it as my wallpaper!
    Now here is a chop worth prasin'


    Changes!? One can only assume he had these plans in beforehand, it came out awesome
    New Paintjobby
    Even colored in the old yellow tire logo
    -Spoiler, even tok out the reflections from it
    Removed Headlight Slits
    Removed Front Bumper Slits
    Larger Hood Design Thing
    Removed Side Exhaust, beautitfully i might add
    And Removed GTR writing from behind the fender
    So props to "~fordboy" from
  16. you should have put both pics in your post, btw it looks very nice
  17. it wouldnt work sadly... i dont know why... lol
  18. sctually, if you squint real hard, the powder coated white rims look pretty good, for the chop!
  19. lol my friend did it in about 5 mins before he ran off to class...then i just copied and pasted the wheel with paintbrush onto the car lol. i know it would be a more "off" white to match the stripe and top, but I just am not very crazy about it.