To Cobra owners in states that rquire front license plate

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  1. hey Im in NY and they require license plates on the front of the car...did you guys just drill holes in the front cobra bumper??
  2. The dealer usually drills the bumper and screws in the license plate holder, but if you don't have one already, I suggest you devise some sort of bracket that doesn't requires screwing up your bumper
  3. the bracket you guys have from the dealer I can get in an auto parts store?
  4. Your dealer can provide it for you, it should have been included if you took delivery in a state that requires a front license plate. It's required here in Washington :notnice:

    It is a shame to screw up the looks of the Cobra with a license plate. I havn't put mine on yet, its sitting on the dashboard, passenger side, against the windshield, facing forward. Its been there since I got the car in September. So far it hasn't got me stopped. I've been in Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada without being stopped. :banana:

    I'm not planning to install it ever unless I get a fix it - ticket. Other people in my area are doing the same. I also noticed in California, (a front license required state) that many people just say screw it, and don't put it on...

    I wonder why its necessary - in the name of public safety - to have them, since some states still manage to have public safety without them... :bang:
  5. I have another thought.... If you are compelled to do it, and you don't want to drill holes, would it be possible to use some high performing double sided tape to hold on the bracket instead of screws? I'm not too sure about the wind speeds involved or if there is a product out there that would work - it seems like a reasonable consideration.
  6. I didnt put mine on(MD required) I think the only time you will get hassled is if they are shooting laser and he's aiming at you(they aim for the plate it is the most reflective) they'll probably cite you for it. Or you're being obnoxious for one reason or another and they need an excuse to check you out.
  7. Another reason front license plates are required in some states is for the "red light cameras" that are out there. It allows them to identify vehicles from multiple angles, and capture a shot of the driver's face with the front license plate so that they have a better chance in court of proving that you were the person operating the vehicle at the time. Otherwise, people who are cited for running a red light and caught by one of these cameras can make the plausible argument that it was simply another person operating their vehicle. As for a non-destructive mounting method, I'm afraid the dashboard's about your only option.

  8. I'm in MD and never put mine on, but I do have the ugly holes :(
  9. Don't Put the plate on

    I'm in NY and haven't had my front plate on any of my cars. I keep it in the backseat and when (yeah, that's when) i get pulled over and they ask "where's your front plate" i show them and say that i haven't had a chance to buy the bracket for it. Havne't gotten a ticket for no front plate in over 4 years, also, there is really no fine for it. If they actually issued you a ticket for no front plate, you have to just show them that you have a front plate on your car and tha'ts it, so the double sided tape would work perfect temporarliy to fool the coppers! I refuse to put on my front plate cause id on't want to drill holes in my bumper and really, front plates are pointless, just another thing for the pigs to write us for! :flag:
  10. Maybe I'll go ahead and make my front plate into a necklace. In fact I'll wear it everywhere I go. So then, just in case I decide to jaywalk they can take my picture and prove in court it was me driving my shoes...
  11. Im in the Chicagoland area, and have not had a plate on the front of my car since I have owned her (2.5 years ago). I have had one ticket for no front plate, and 2 for tinted windows. The price to pay (I think $20.00 a ticket) to look good. :D
  12. If you do decide to put it on, get the factory plastic mount kit for the plate. It molds nicely around the bumper contours and looks good (for a dorky front plate anyway!).
  13. can I order the mounting kit online somewhere..I dint buy my car from a ford dealer
  14. Any dealer can probably get one for you, or check the boards, maybe someone has one they didn't use.
  15. On 03 I mounted mine in bottom opening
  16. That would be way way illegal here in Missouri...
  17. I don't know about the Cobras, but my 2001 GT came with 2 small round indentations on the front bumper where you can see where you have to put the screws in for the front license plate. Doesn't the 03-04 Cobra also have this on their front bumpers? All that the dealer did was press the license plate on to the front of the bumper and line up the holes of the license plate with the round indentations on the front bumper and then screw the screws into the bumper.
  18. I have a GT too but the 03 Cobra aftermarket bumper and there is no holes