To Cobra owners in states that rquire front license plate

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  1. I never put mine on and I've had my car since Sept of 2001. I got sited once by an ahole motorcycle cop watching the stream of a thousand cars inch down a gridlocked road. No one able to speed so he picks me out of the thousand and gets me for no front plate and tinted windows.

    I got pulled over for speeding and they never wrote me up for the no front plate.
    I paid the fine for the fix it and never did put my front plate on and never will...too tacky and I won't drill holes. :D

    Oh yeah, while he was writing me up I counted 10 no front plates and gave up counting all the tinted windows that went by. :rolleyes:
  2. man it is killing me to see that bra on that '03...go with the 3M transparent stuff, you'll save your paint and it'll look a hell of alot better.
  3. it doesnt matter dad took the car and drilled the F** holes withouth telling me and jsut put the plates on...and I had just oreder the bracket from ford too

  4. same here
  5. Sorry guys obviously, you don't know much about bras and paint work. Not a scratch, if you know what you are doing. I did not let the Dealership "prep" it, some $6.50 per hour dambass is not going to touch my car.
  6. oh i didnt mean about the scratches, im just not a fan of how they look. they do a good job of protecting the front, but i dont like how they look, personally
  7. nooooooo

    no front plate...just say no

    I have been stopped once but that was because he didnt see it in my windshield...didnt think I had it at all... I suction cupped it to my windshield. As long as I avoid the rizzy freakin Rockyhill NJ out side of princeton...i never get bothered... Its only a $40 ticket here in NJ anyway no pts or anything......
  8. plates on a stang look like poo
  9. I don't have a plate on mine, I think it takes away from the looks of the car. It doesn't go with the flow of the lines. For those that just put the plate on the dashboard, I'd be careful with that. You don't want it slicing into you or the passenger in an accident. I've heard of people getting scratched up pretty badly from something like that, make sure it's secured up there. Other than that I'm willing to pay the fine anytime so that I don't have to have a front plate.
  10. I never put a plate on either my '99 or my '03. I never had one on my two Escort GT's or my '95 Probe, either. I have been pulled over two times in the last eighteen years. I keep the plate under the passenger seat with a broken bracket. I offer to put the plate on the dash until I get a new bracket, but both times they said it was too dangerous and just get a new bracket.

    As far as mounting them without putting holes in your bumper cover, you could make your own bracket like the ones shown here. I remember a thread where one of our members was offering them for sale for a cheap price. If you are really worried about the cops, go for it. I don't like the looks, myself.

    Hey, terrydf, you can't get a ticket for no plate outside of your own state. You could never go anywhere if other states could enforce those kind of laws. In other words, if you were from a state that didn't require front plates, Ohio couldn't make you put one on to drive through their state. Likewise, Pennsylvania can't ticket me for not having a front plate because I am from Ohio where one is required.

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  11. Hey Cobracruiser, I thought there was something about states with recriprocal laws honoring each others laws, so in Oregon and Cal (where front plate is required) I thought they might ticket me since its also required in Washington... You say this is incorrect? I'd like to know how to refute the charge should it come up...

    It's a little off subject, but I know this is somewhat true with concealed gun permits between some states...