To get a bike or not to get a

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What should I do?

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  1. 2006 blue/silver busa

  2. 2006 limited edition white/silver busa

  3. 2007 (?) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 special edition (white)

  4. No, get ________ bike instead (tell me what it is)

  5. Dont get a bike at all and just drive your 04 mustang

  1. So iv been looking at getting a bike after I pay off my turbo debt...sometime mid next year to sortof be a daily driver to save on gas. After looking around, these 3 are the BEST looking bikes out there IMHO

    OPTION #1 2006 hayabusa (only problem with this one is I know a guy whos 04-05 is the exact same colour...hateto copy him)


    OPTION #2 2006 LE hayabusa (im LEANING towards this one because of the above reason)


    OPTION #3 Kawasaki ninja ZX-14 (this one looks good, but I like the busa better. Its 3rd on my list so I have to include the top 3) [​IMG]

    VOTE please so I know what you guys think :D

    This will be my very first bike, and iv never even ridden one by myself LOL....its been YEARS since ive even ridden on one. So remember that too.

    Iv real alot of reviews and both are supposed to be very comphortable, just wondering how anyone (RE: girl) could ride with me :shrug: . Looks like single seaters...

    BTW id also like to know how much any of you pay per month in insurace for your various bikes (list age, driving record, and if your insurace covers you with/without helmet or just with helmet also please) . Trying to see if it would be cost effective to drive it to work (100 miles a day 3-4 days a week) vs my GT. :)

    Thanks :flag:
  2. i say get teh busa but just becareful they are heavy suckers but extremely fast. and that white with the flames looks somewhat like my 636. Look at my avatar. Mine is just silver.

    But if ur into just insanely fast get the zx14. But as a matter of fact stock a gsxr1000 is faster than a busa in the 1/4 just doesnt trap as high.
  3. I've been thinkin about gettin a bike also...BUT...

    the only thing stopping me is the fact that they're so dangerous. Everytime i think of gettin a bike, i think to myself, if i love speed this much in a car, i dont trust myself on a bike...Be careful man, every one of my friends with a bike has had at least 1 or 2 Baaaad crashes. Your life is almost always in the other drivers' hands.
  4. OMG, you're going to kill yourself. I've ridden several bikes and never got comfortable with the idiots around me, so I gave it up.

    Do not get a heavy and powerful bike like that for your first. I know its tempting to get the best, but trust me, you will enjoy it much more on a lighter bike that is easier to control the power until you get comfortable on it, especially in traffic.

    If I were you, I'd buy a 500-600cc bike to start off with. BUt if you must, those Busa's....the cap on the back pops off, should be a seat cushion underneath for a passenger. The ninja should be the same way, can't tell in those pics.

    Maybe I'm just getting too old at 28...but I wouldn't recommend riding with a passenger until you get very very comfy riding it yourself. Whole different handling with a passenger on it. And take a class so you can learn how to swerve, brake hard etc the correct way.

  5. if you want to live long enough to enjoy your twin turbo mustang, I would stay away from a hayabusa for your FIRST bike. Come on man, its just like someone getting a twin turbo viper as their first car. My roommate is actually going to be taking the learning course for motorcycles this weekend, I forgot what its called, but I definately recommend it before you even purchase a bike, you don't even know what is comfortable or not.

    Dont forget that whatever bike you get, you are going to drop it, it is going to happen.;f=13;t=29015

  6. I agree. For your first bike I would start off with a 500-600cc bike, it will be quick enough. Get use to riding that than go for the busa or ninja.
  7. Nice bike choices. I had 2 bikes, ended up selling them this year to dump all the cash into my car. Have you ridden/owned a bike before?

    One of the reasons i ended up selling me bikes is because there are so many dumb *****s on the road. When i rode, i would constantly ride planning that every car on the road around me was out to kill me. So i would ride very defensively, always planning my escape route if somebody turned into my lane, turned left in front of me, didnt see me from behind. It got to the point, to where riding became more of a stressful chore then a relaxing cruise. I loved riding, but hated having to worry about watching other people's driving and mine. So i ended up selling them this year. I miss them a ton and want one already, but maybe if i move to a less populated area. BTW, i'm in DFW, so you can imagine how riding here is since your from texas.

    Also, full coverage insurance is CRAZY expensive on sport bikes. Esp, busas. I have been riding and had my MC license for 14 years and clean driving record and it was still between 2-3K a year each. It just wasnt worth it. My insurance payments were more than the bike payments combined.

    Plus my thought on a first bike is just get what you want. No sense in getting a starter bike and wanting something else in a month and having to sell it. You can easily kill yourself on a 600 just as well as the 1300 busa. The 600's have over 100hp also, so they arent slow, LOL.

    IF you havent ever ridden, take the MC safety course. It might sound like it would be stupid, but i did learn a lot of stuff. Definately worth it. Always remember, on a bike, countersteering is your friend, it can save your ass.
  8. Oh, also meant to mention, while sport bikes are crazy fast and handle like the ****.....100 miles a day on a bike like that will wear your ass out.

  9. Yeah they do. Man, being stuck in traffic, or even a long ride, is a killer on the wrists/forearms.
  10. yea wrecks are another thing to think about. When you own a bike you have to realize there are only two kinds of riders. Those that have been down and those that are gonna go down. Its the truth. I just wrecked my bike a few days ago and it sucks now Im fine cause i got lucky and was wearing my gear but my bike unfortunately is gonna cost about 2gs to fix.
  11. thats not true lol busas really are not all that bad of a strain on ur wrists. Heck my bike is much worse and over the summer for about 2 months i put 4100 miles on it and it had 0 when i got it. I rode that thing everyday for about two months rain or shine. I didnt get sore at all. I guess it might depend on the person though. It didnt bother me one bit ive ridden a total of 300 miles straight and only getting off when i had to get gas. which was when the clock rolled to around 180 miles.
  12. busa for your first bike? Invest in life insurance man...plz at least leave ur family w/ something
  13. None of the above.

    Get a GSX-R 650 and be done with it. Ride it for 2 years, then sell it and buy any bike you want.

    A turbo Busa is certain suicide if you don't have riding experience, I'm not sure which models are turbo and which aren't, so bare with me.

    I lost a friend back in '04, riding a Busa turbo, they're suicide, period, imho.

    I suggest you practice on a lower-end bike (performance not necessarily quality) for a while.

    Good luck, I hope you don't live in a town such as mine. My VR and my Stang, I've upgraded the brakes on, because I've come so close to wrecking so many times because of "other" peoples mistakes. And the usual risks like a tractor trailer tire blowout, potholes, etc etc.

    Just my opinion. I just don't care for the turbo Busa's, they're completely unnecessary and, well overkill.
    Safety first on a bike man!! I've ridden for years. I hope you take to my advice and give it time.
    And to be perfectly honest, you could take a ride on the slowest of performers and still be impressed, with your experience, so you don't really need a hardcore bike, you won't know the difference. Your first time riding on your own, even a little 600 or the like, and you'll be blown away at the acceleration. And also you have to develop an entirely new equilibrium in a sense, being on a bike can feel pretty straight forward, but even the best find themselves dumping once a year....from experience.

  14. WOW not for your first bike...and its not that i think you are a bad rider its everyone around you! Try looking for something smaller and used for your first bike this way if you have a accident/lay it down you won't be all mad because you did it to a 13,000 dollar bike. I suggest one of those Buell 700-800cc sport bikes for your first.
  15. All of bike you want are WAY too much for a first bike, unless, frankly, you have a death wish.

    Most conservative bikers will tell you to start with a 250 or 500cc and ride that for a few years. I can tell, that you wouldn't even consider that, which I completely understand.

    I would suggest any 600cc class bike in STOCK form. It takes several months to feel even a little bit comfortable on your own bike. You'll find that certain muscles will be sore after riding for even as little as a half hour. Not that its not worth it, because it is.

    I bet you'll find that a 600 is more than enough, and if at some point within the next 1-2 years, you can either start buying aftermarket parts to make it faster (less tooth gears, full exhaust, etc.) or get something bigger.

    Insurance I think you'll find is very cheap relative to your car. I paid about 80 month for full coverage on my 02 GSXR600.

    Hope this helps.
  16. oh i didnt see that its ur first bike. Have you ever ridden a bike? dirtbike included. Heck ive had years of experience on a dirtbike and then i still started on a ninja 250 for a year and then went to a nighthawk 750 for about 6 months and then i got my 636. Yea i suggest looking smaller cause weight is another thing that will kill ya and the length of those busas are ridiculous they will feel big thats why you need experience on a smaller bike. A 600 would be plenty for ya and even better gas mileage than a busa i get about 45mpg on my 636 and thats running it pretty hard. My 636 does 0-60 in right under 3 seconds and runs the 1/4 in 10.38 at 135. I think you would be plenty happy with that.
  17. holy crap 80 dollars for full coverage? thats dang good. For me and im 19 on liability its 60 for full coverage its 380-400 a month. Thats why im on liability. oh and ive got a perfect driving record as well
  18. I would not suggest a bike that big for your will get you in to way more trouble than you want to deal with. I just bought my first bike a couple months ago a 2003 suzuki gsx-r 750 and that thing is one heck of a bike.

    They are sooo much fun to ride but i may sell mine because of how dangerous it is. Ive only been on it for about 1k miles but have had a handful of close calls already. People do not see bikes AT ALL period. Ive had 2 people pull out in front of me and had to go onto the shoulder.:nonono: On a bigger bike like a busa just starting out i dont believe i could have made that kind of manuever.

    Not telling you to not get a bike but i would suggest getting something like i bought at first until you get some practice on it and actually know if it is for you.

    I paid 5k for mine with 9k miles and its an 03 i suggest finding something like that. And I pay about 650 for full coverage for the year in NY. In the south its more expensive and i just turned 21.

    It is not even close to the same as being that fast in a car. My bike does about 75 in first and gets there in a blink of an eye you dont even realize how fast it is. Pick your head up over the windscreen at 160 and tell me your not scared your about to die. Also ive hit the painted lines on a hot day and the ass end starts to slide thats no fun either.

    Just being as real as i can possibly be not trying to tell you not to get a bike or scare ya but these are the things I found out in the first months after i started to ride.
  19. Screw the busa...TURBO R1! :nice: much sexier.
  20. QFT.
    probably the most important thing to consider when thinking about getting into bikes.
    i've been lucky enough to not lose any friends in biking accidents yet, but im just waitin for the day i hear about a horrible crash...