To get a bike or not to get a

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What should I do?

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  1. 2006 blue/silver busa

  2. 2006 limited edition white/silver busa

  3. 2007 (?) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 special edition (white)

  4. No, get ________ bike instead (tell me what it is)

  5. Dont get a bike at all and just drive your 04 mustang

  1. Wow, thanks for all of the input guys...seems everyone syas to go small and work your way up. And especially to go used.

    We went up to george twon to look/buy a busa...had an 06 LE still in the crate. I sat on a black one and liked it. We haggled around and would only loan "me" 5000 through suzuki (just after I finished paying of my 25,000 car 2.6 years early too...apparently I cant pay off $10,000 with practicly no debt and 2000 a month gross income :rolleyes: ) . With my dads cosign it approved full loan but we specifically told them we wanted to keep it around $200 a month and they said that there shouldnt be a problem. Come back and they want 267 a month! 10.9% intrest and my dad has TOP of the line credit (over 800)! SO they say that with suzuki thats the best we are going to get because you dont have to have full coverage insurance. So we decided to walk out...because we also specifically told them to give us the BEST deal they could with the payment around $200.

    So then they start saying stuff about how they can get around 7% with a lender but I would need full coverage. Anyways we left :) .

    After EVERYTHING (TTL, destination, ect) bike came out to 12,300 (10,700 for bike alone). Then I get home and find one (SAME thing) with ALL fees included for $9600 but just in a different state. Freegin guys trying to rip me off....and besides I just got a quote from progressive and the cheapest I could get it per month was like $409! For a 2001 I can get it for $138 a month...and its THE SAME freegin bike.

    If I buy one its going to be used, unless I can get liability for around a $100 per month. And how its looking now I may just scratch the idea all togethor like suggested, as it is a BIG bike....would be hard to handle for a newb like me.
  2. I've been riding street bikes for over 30 years and LOVE it. I started on a 400cc Yamaha and have owned a number of cruisers and touring bikes and have enjoyed them all.
    When you ride a bike you have to accept the risks involved. There is no way to eliminate the risks but you have to do everything possible to reduce them. This means not only wearing safety gear and maintaining the bike but also includes taking a Motorcycle Safety Course.
    Check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundations site for more info on the courses available in your area and whats involved - Info
    I taught the course for the state of PA at the Harley factory (York,PA) for 10 years and I can guarantee it's the best way to prepare yourself for riding on the street.
    My current ride is a Suzuki Burgman 650 maxi-scooter that I've had for 2 years (14,000 miles) and it's probably the most fun bike I've owned. Great for commuting or touring (two 1,500 mile trips) and gets 50 mpg. 0-60 in 7 secs, 110 mph top speed. Full insurance is $119/year.

  3. Just imagine your arrogance at age sixteen ( not to be presumptuous, just going by experience :) ) and, getting your hands on a Cobra Mustang with a supercharger, and like, the whole lot, hands down all around tuned car.

    You most certainly would have wrecked it, and it probably wouldn't have taken long. I know I would have, that young, ya got a stupid ego, not much for common sense, and certainly little to no intellectual thought, or wisdom of any kind from self gained self observation.

    Now I know it's different, in that case, it's all mental awareness, however, it's comparable considering the odds of getting killed!!

    Just be careful man, get a GSX-R 600, or up. You'll be happy, with insurance, price, kick ass reliability, aftermarket... In many ways it can be looked upon as the 5.0 of bikes. And a few of my friends agree. Good luck regardless, and good job walking out on those fu ckerz trying to get their bonus, by pitchin' you a bs APR, be sure and let us know what bike you get, do so in a new thread so as to get more attention.



  4. no way in hell you should get a busa as first bike. i respect the fact that you think it's an awesome bike (as it is)...but that is way too much bike unless you're experienced.
    i went from an fzr600 to a busa (back in late 1999) when they first rolled out..and let me tell you...HOLY BALLS.
    i had it for about 10 months and sold it cause i knew i was gonna get killed. it's just one of those things you know.
    get a used gsxr750...or a cbr and run with it for a while till you work your way up.
    it's not about you getting killed that should scare you.. it's living like a veg!!
    think about it....
  5. Theres no way you should get a bike as heavy or as fast as the Busa as a first.

    I think a 600cc is almost too much bike for a beginner (i know alot of people will agree with me on this one).

    I'd look at an R6 (Yamaha FTW) or a GSXR600 (750's have too much power for a beginner bike).

    Personally i'd get a Yamaha R6 or a Yamaha FZR600. The 2006 R6's are ridiculously fast and are arguably the best handling bike out there.
  6. Agreed. This is why I own a Ninja 250cc. :)
  7. out this site for beginner bikes and alot of valueable info for beginner riders

    you do not want anything over 600cc or something bad is going to happen. Just know that you will lay it down a few times, and I wouldnt want a $13k bike ever seeing the ground
  8. Didn't want to read whole thread.
    But supposedly they are getting ready to release the new busa. Might wanna wait and see.
  9. Holy crap! I couldn't imagine paying 400 bucks a month for insurance on a cycle. Even 138 seems a bit high, plus 200 bucks for a payment. Heck, for 350 bucks a month you could be driving a very nice daily driver car.

    Oh, and motorcycles typically don't get as cheap of interest rates as cars. And as you've seen, insurance can be outrageous...especially on new bikes. Mainly because of the loss in value right off the lot....and the odds of you wrecking that bike right off the lot. Imagine, you pull down the road and wreck..that insurance company just ate a lot of money, and it happens quite often unfortunately.

    I see alot of used bikes, whether they be 250's, 500's, 600's....for 3-4K in really good shape. That's what I would buy.
  10. Insurance on a Busa is about half the cost of insurance on a GSX600R or a GSX750R...mainly because, if I remember correctly, the Busa is classified as a Super Cruiser and not a Sports Bike ;)

    Also, don't get raped at the dealership. Wait for someone to sell their '06 to get an '07. You'll find the best deals when the bikes are only a year old, as they lose most of their value in just that first year. If you do buy from a dealership, just be sure to haggle with them as you would with a car. If they try to charge you for shipment, tell them no. If they try to charge you for a "building fee," tell them you want to see them build it. 98% of the bike comes assembled in the crate. If they try to charge you a service fee, tell them that you'll go elsewhere and never recommend them to anyone.

    Take it from a victim...I had no clue what I was doing, and I ended up paying $5149 out the door with my warranties, jacket, gloves, helmet, bike, TTL, shipping fee, building fee, service fee, and my pants half-way off with their d*ck in my @$$. And no, they didn't use lube. It hurt REALLY bad. Oh, and having limited credit history...I am paying 17.989% interest. HOPEFULLY you will learn from MY mistakes...
  11. Busa and few mods = 10 sec 1/4 miles yayyyyy
  12. as a matter of fact you can run low low 10s stock. With a pro driver and maybe strapping the front end you can run 9s.

    And if you dont mind a good drive then check out a place called honda east. I bet you can get a busa for 10gs out the door. I got my 636 for 7900 out the door and i got the limited edition. they have great prices on every bike just send them an email and they will give you the price. I put a 200 dollar deposit on my bike went to pick it up and they had all the paper work done for me it took less than 15 minutes to pick up the bike and I was on my way. They get people from all over teh US including texas and cali. They are located in ohio. Oh and my bike costs 8900 msrp just to give you an indication of how much they drop the price instantly. No haggling at all there prices are all out the door.

    If you want to check their prices without emailing them go to and then click on the bike you want dont type in the amount you want to spend or the distance you want to go and they should have several listed near the top and the price next to it is there otd price.
  13. or be like me and toss a turbo on a busa and go 8.90's lol :D
  14. an excellent idea right there. :nice:
  15. any 600 will run 10's all day too with a good rider bone stock?? look it up ..... an im still lost how you could be gettin such high insurance quotes... like i said i live in a north jersey city, got insurance the day i got my motorcycle license, 18 years old, didnt take the safety course, on a 600 and am only paying $354 for the year on liability??

    check to see if its cheeper once you get your motorcycle license... i was quoted to get it while on my motorcycle permit at something like $1,200 for the year which is rediculous but once i got the license it dropped to $354
  16. i dunno why my liability is so high I pay about double what you are for liability. Ive got a perfect driving record no tickets at all.
  17. hehe, 650ishlbs and 300+ HP is a fun ride :D

  18. bigger bike but it still shouldnt be double esp since you are in a different "insurance bracket"..... i believe 18-23 is one of them.... idk to be honest with you.. lol.. i mean i was quoted like $550 by some companies but $354 was the best i found
  19. I pay $329 for liability for the whole year on a Ninja 250R...seems rather cheap to me. :shrug: