To get a bike or not to get a

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What should I do?

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  1. 2006 blue/silver busa

  2. 2006 limited edition white/silver busa

  3. 2007 (?) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 special edition (white)

  4. No, get ________ bike instead (tell me what it is)

  5. Dont get a bike at all and just drive your 04 mustang

  1. yea thats good for a 250 though ive got a 636 lol. But o well its still better than 400 a month on full coverage
  2. Well from what im hearing, progresive is one of the most expencive out there...thats who I quoted from. A guy at a local suzuki shop told my dad that state farm insurance will take the busa as a "touring" bike and he said I should get it for between $100 and $150 a month. These guys said around 11,800 out the door and 228 a month if they can get a 6% rate through state farm.

    Thanks for the comments, keep them coming!
  3. :nono:

    This is why you do NOT get a Busa for a first bike, as you can imagine, suicide for probably more than 1 out of 10 people that get one as a starter....well probably not that bad, but I bet the statistics are freakin' horrible. Not a bike for a rider with less than 3 yrs. And frankly, you're not even a rider...yet. Get a Gsx-R 600. There is no better starter bike, period. It demands respect, reliable, it's as fast as you want it to be, in more of a safe way. Trust me, and like, 10 other people that have mentioned the Gsx-R, but forget the 750 not a starter, and overall believe it or not, not as popular as the 650.
  4. ^ I LOVE that vid...but that crap has freegin 18#s of boost! Thats WAY WAY faster than a regular busa, and judging from his shift points, I think he has lowered the gearing a bit too (or teeth I guess they say).

    Im not sure what im going to do...everyone says go 600 or so, but I dont want to have to sale it later and then have to buy a busa. Its just costing me money.

    I want to ask this, is the reason you guys are saying to not have the busa as a first bike due to it being SO fast or because it doesnt handle as well as a 600? With the busa, I dont HAVE to go fast...i can get up to speed normally just as with a 600. I also DONT like taking risks around corners, and not a corner carver :)
  5. thats what you say now... once your on it you'll find yourself pushing it..... and you wont lose money... buy a used 600 and you can sell it after a year for the same price almost gauranteed if you find a deal....
    a 600 is just so much lighter and easier to control, turning, stopping, pushing, etc.....
    and with all the power on a busa you hit the throttle when you dont want to or too hard youll find yourself striaght up.... granted same thing will happen on a 600 but only if you are above like 9 grand... its just alot easier in all aspects

    just out of curiosity... have you ridden a bike yet???

    once you get on one you will see you dont need a busa for a first bike and you will lose more money by buyin a brand new busa then buying a 600... trust me
  6. I say don't get a bike.
    After you pay off your turbo debt if you are looking for
    dependable and reliable transportation that is great on
    gasoline you should purchase a older Subaru as your daily driver.
  7. The problem is it's just "too" powerful. You can easily lose it on a bike like that. Something tells me, maybe you should test ride a -600- or so bike, then tell us what you think. I'm sure you'll be happy. However, I would not say that a Busa won't handle as good as a Gsx-R, it's just that, it's so powerful everything changes, like a Mustang GT, and a Supercharged Mustang GT...the difference is ALOT, regardless, both identical, one more powerful, however, it changes everything about the car, brakes and suspension become ever so important with higher power etc etc.

    I've been on here long enough to know that you're not a noob at all, to motoring, just, do what you think is right.

    A Ducati is the best bike made, this coming from, well just me for now, but I've ridden so many. They're just amazing. But, Busa is famous for speed mostly. Think about that also. Just make a well informed decision, and, if you're the kind of person that trusts yourself 100%, I don't see a danger in getting a 'Busa. But good luck, and be safe, because, what you said, about buying then having to sell, you're very right, you "will" lose money, however, what some of us are trying to say, is you'll be riding your starter for like at least 3 yrs, I recommend 5. However, you can start with a 'Busa, and just be really smart about it.

    The first time you get on a road you know well, and it's not windy, and nobody is around, think about everything we've all said, before you down shift and try and have fun, a 'Busa will pull out of your hands quicker than you could ever imagine, and you've yet to learn the negative Gforce a bike puts on you, different than a car, also it's very touchy braking on any bike, depending where the weight is, like a car, just that, I dunno, once you're on a bike, it's an extension of yourself. The bike comes to life, think of yourself as the soul of the bike. You will be one. Exchanges occur.

  8. Nope, lets see....iv ridden ON (passenger) a bike like 5 times EVER, and this was a LONG time ago....but I always LOVED it.

    My friend has offered to let me ride his 05 ninja 500R, but im sortof suprised because he said that he laid it over like 3 times when learning to ride it. And yea I think you guys are right for sure as for sure in what your saying....although I think I may be a bit hard headed :( . I need to learn on another bike, because im betting I would lay it over not long after I got it...dont want that at all.

    Fastest thing I have rode in is a 32 truck that had 500HP and weighed 2800#s....5.12 gears, ect.... and that truck was WICKED fast. But in reality it probably wont trap 130. I couldnt imagine trying to hold on to something that will go 9.8s @ 140+! :eek: I honestly think I would fall off the bike if I were to just jump on and wail on it.
  9. ok, your saying you dont want to buy a used bike thats a LOT more reasonable to start out on because you would lose money when you eventually upgraded. Think of how much money you lose buying a new bike, not even dropping it yet. No matter how safe you ride, you are going to drop your bike, you can't control the people around you.
  10. So true, Duke. I cut my teeth a long time ago (jeez...a LONG time ago) riding off-road. While there are more rocks and trees to f* you up, there are no trucks and mindless drivers to contend with. And I can tell you that dirt is a lot softer than concrete and asphalt.

    I'd love to street ride now, but sometimes even driving a car scares the crap outta me. lol But even if I did ride now, I'd probably stick to the local back roads, and avoid the heavy, high speed traffic areas.

    Take your time, learn to ride well, and then consider the big toys. The skills you learn might actually save your life.
  11. See...I know what I'm talking about SOMETIMES!
  12. Also, let me add that the Busa throttle is VERY sensitive! Imagine your Mustang having only 1/2" of full throttle...

    When you turn the throttle on 1/4 of the way, that's full throttle on the 'Busa. I don't care what you tell yourself you can handle...take it from all of us that HAVE ridden...I laid even my Ninja 250R over 4 times since learning to ride it...3 times in the 1st month, and once again just a few weeks ago when chillin with the bike on, in neutral, with the kick stand down, chillin on the foot rests...I accidentally pressed my clutch foot down and boom, my bike stalled, jumped forward enough to make the kick stand come up, I stumbled to catch my phone which I was using at the time, and the bike laid over. I WASN'T EVEN MOVING!

    You do NOT want this to happen to a $12k us when we say that.

    Please do the right thing. Only you know what the right thing is.

    P.S. If you die, can I have your Mustang? :)
  13. We got a used 99 Honda CBR F4 (only import bf said would be in the driveway :) )...dropped a few times before we bought it but really couldn't tell. was kept in pretty good shape and kept up on maintenance pretty much.

    we got a really good deal and it pretty much has all the boltons you could put on a bike so it's actually pushing around 110hp. I'm slowly learning, but it is my bf's bike. Hopefully he'll upgrade to a 1000 or so and give me the 600. :)

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  14. Real men rock vespas.. hahaha[​IMG]
  15. none of those!

    If i were to get myself in to bikes again,
    I'll locate me used low milege Ducati 996SPS... Without doubt THE sexiest bike ever made:hail2:
  16. I've owned a couple of Ducati's and have found them to be much nicer to look at than to ride. They have the goofy desmo valve train that is a real ***** to work on and the valves need to be adjusted regularly and the over all reliability isn't great, it seamed like I was always fixing something on them. Also the twin is underpowered compared to any of the Japan's 4 cylinder litre bikes and would be comparable to the 600's. They are also really friggen uncomfortable to ride as the long reach to the bars gets really tiring really fast, they are OK on the track but then they break if they are thrashed. Granted the newer 998's and 999's are slightly more comfortable than the 996's I had but I still think the chances of me ever buying another one are slim to none.
  17. for a first bike, a ZX14 or busa will kill you.

    i woudl go with a kawi ZX-5R (or zzr500, or whatever they call them this year)
  18. Everyone always says 'ill get the bike i want instead of a beginner bike, i dont need to go fast, i can control myself" - My friend said that the start of this spring, bought a new GSXR-750, rode for 3 months, got to spend the next 3 months in a wheelchair with a shattered ankle and shin because he thought he had developed enough skill to do catwalks.

    Back to my original statement:
    1) No you can't. If you have a bike in the first place your an adrenaline junky and are just going to keep pushing the envelope
    2)A 600cc bike will do over 120km/h in first gear.
    3)A 600cc bike does not like to be revved below 2300 while in motion, it just so happens that 2300 is about 80km/h in cruise gear... have fun doing the speed limit.
    4) It is impossible for me to give a bike half throttle, i hit it and i have to HIT IT, its full throttle or nothing.
    5)a 600cc bike will do a stock 10 second quarter mile time, what does that mean to you? First gear lasts about .75 seconds, and at the end of that time you will be doing over 120km/h.

    If you start off with anything over 600cc's your absolutely retarded and are going to die. Im sorry the statistics are overwhelming im sure.

    Even a new 600 (04+) is too much bike for a beginner.

    Personally i want a 2006 R6 more than anything... even more than an R1 believe it or not. I love the way the R6's handle.
  19. Personally I think that 996 is better than most, but I still think the busa looks better LOL.

    My dad is however going to get his 74 honda 450 running again, so I can get used to riding a bike. Should be running this week.