To Hell With Under Drive Pulley Threads...

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  1. Someone tell me where I can find a crank OVER DRIVE pulley, that doesn't cost your first born. I don't mean like Vortech either. Only a larger crank pulley diameter.

    I'll make a LOT more HP with that than anyone's ever made on a Fox with under drives. :nice:
  2. Lincoln Mark 7 pulley is larger
  3. my mower deck pulley should fit ya, but its buried knee deep in snow :cool:
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  4. isnt it a V belt also?
  5. you find some one who has a 3D model of an underdrive or a stock pulley and i can make it any size you want
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  6. That'll cost your firstborn
  7. ... and it's 4.6. :notnice:
  8. Make yourself one!
  9. yeah... riiggghhhttt
  10. the hell you say
  11. You know... I work in a fabrication shop. They don't do that sort of thing there, but I bet you they work with other companies that do. :chin
  12. If they were SFI rated, maybe but, I don't see anything there stating it. Maybe I missed it.
  13. :crap:Do tell how you arrived at this premise:runaway:
  14. I'm guessing single belt blower set up
  15. I forgot all about this thread but yup..... that's it.
  16. Call ASP and have one custom made. Last one I had done was only 800$ but then again it was for a twin ten rib to run two blowers. Oh wait I thought you said money was no objecct, woops...