To Hell With Under Drive Pulley Threads...

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  1. Hey, I was trying to get Noobz347 worked in a froth - where he would elaborate on his claim:fight: I guess he didn't take the bait.
    Now for sure I want to know. But if its blower stuff forget it, I'm NA. But then again Noobz347 do tell, I never know, I may go blower one day....
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  2. LOL... If that was your intent, you should have told me that there was no such thing as Yoga Pants (or something equally hellish).

    I run a twin screw that runs on the serpentine. Would love to have a larger crank pulley.
  3. like i told you man... you find me a model of a stock pulley and i will make you a 3d model for any size pulley you want to take to a machine shop

  4. I'll PM you if/when I come up with something. I work part time in a fabrication shop. We/they don't do that kind of work but I imagine that some of the other companies that they work with, do. Especially the ones that make billet shafts and such. They could probably balance the thing to near perfection too.
  5. i'll just leave this here... 8" pulley
    the offsets needs adjusted but thats an easy update along with pulley size

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  6. There's no such thing as YOGA PANTS! :runaway:

    Alright, seriously. What is a larger crank pulley going to physically do for your setup that will give you the power boost that you are aspiring to achieve - or were you just wishing out loud?
  7. In many cases, i wish there wasnt...

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  8. The pulley that I have on the twin screw now, is as small as I can go without getting a bunch of belt slip (this is with a gatorback belt). A larger crank pulley will allow me to increase the size of the blower pulley and still up the boost on the whole assy. I get a little bit of slip now (not a lot but some) so I'd like to go one size larger pulley on the blower.

    Am I concerned that I won't make enough HP to overcome the 6 whole HP you 'might' get from a set of under drives? Not so much. lol
  9. see if you can find a RR pulley... we spun the living :poo: out of KB and whipples with some small uppers and never really had much of a belt slip issue
  10. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
    AWHHHHH BABY! NOW YOUR COOKIN WITH PEANUT OIL!!!! I GOT A WOODY:hitit::baby::doh: madspeed what are trying to do to me!!!!
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  11. That's what I was lookin to hear.
  12. RR pulley? :shrug:
  13. R emove.. And R eplace pulley?:shrug:
  14. I demand pictures of your car and an underhood shot Mr. Noobz.
  15. Ricard racing... think that's how it's spelled
  16. Riechard Racing went into military production stuff and no longer has an automotive line as far as I know. They made awesome stuff but I guess found the government cash cow pays better that car enthusiasts. If you want something like that you will likely have to find it used.
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  17. yup! and even as connected to Jim as the shop i worked for was i cant even get pulleys these days! and im the one that actually popped the cherry on his mystic cobra. i got to put on the first set of ford pulleys he made for the ford GT.

    kinda miss those days

  18. Oh yeah????

    Well did you know that the pyramids were a mistake? o_O
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  19. you had me at popped cherry :p
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