To much for this King??

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    what do you guys think? I have spoken to the owner at great length and have a bunch more pictures. He has the build sheet,window sticker, and all the ordering paperwork from 1978 when he ordered it new. I was considering taking a classic car loan for this one, but the big stumbling block has been that there is no buck tag, you can see where it was removed.
  2. i would say, 13000. seems nice, even a rare color, most of the kings came in black or red.
  3. Aak! Whitewall tires!
  4. No buck tag would be a good bargaining point. I would want proof that the KC parts were factory.

    The paint looks to be new, so I'd want to make sure that the body didn't have a bunch of filler before purchasing.
  5. I agree it's a beautiful King. If it's got a legit 5k on it, and the paint is original, then it's a fine example of a preserved II. However, I don't think I'd pay over 10k for any II, no matter what the shape or model. The buck tag missing is a big value detractor. Basically there is no proof that the car really is what it is, and at that price, you want to be sure :).

    I also don't think I'd want a car THAT flawless. The big pricetag comes from the low miles and perfect shape. I'd think you would want to drive the car an enjoy it. I'd look for a different King , maybe in the 6-7k range, that you don't need to worry about getting some rock chips and such.

    Also, I can't put my finger on it, but something about that car rubs me the wrong way.
  6. The lack of pinstriping maybe? :shrug:
  7. If you look at some of the other pics you can see the stripes. The camera flash must have washed them out in the picture.
  8. The guy who has the car for sale swears up and down the car was never touched, never repainted and never hit. if you look at this picture it shows where the buck was, and I swear it looks like a paint run on the right, but he says no. Any thoughts?

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  9. Did he say WHY the buck tag was missing? Also, what happened to the stock exhaust system?
  10. PS cooler sure is crusty for a 5K mile Calif car

    Also, I think the Ziebart plugs in the jambs are going to detract from it's originality/value.

    These types of dealers generally seem to ask 50-100% more than the current market on collectables, possibly due to vehicle owner's dreams + dealer's consignment fees.

    The striping does appear to be correct, which does tend to point towards original paint.

    I like orange, but that black targa band kills the car, IMO.

    Ultimately, it's your money, and CBIIs and KCs are getting tough to find that haven't been "restored" (term used very loosely by most).
  11. Many original IIs I have seen have had poor underhood paint quality, so I wouldn't be TOO concerned.

    You know, people like to keep souvenirs , I'll bet one of the prev owners kept the tag.
  12. That's the weird part, this is the original owner of the car who is selling it, a 70 year old man, and when asked about the buck tag he said he doesn't remember what happened to it. Sal, how can you tell it's not original exhaust?
  13. I only see one exhaust tip. The factory V8 II muffler had twin tips. It could be possible that there is second tip on the car, and one of the chrome add on tips is missing off it. You probably have better pics that what's on that site.
  14. Sal, I'm not sure about the '78's being the same or not... but for '75 and '76, I think the twin tip mufflers only came on cars with dual exhaust. The V8 single exhaust cars had a single outlet.
  15. As an original owner myself, I can attest to removing my own tag years ago for safekeeping. I never liked looking at it hanging on the support, and thought it might be easily broken off and lost.

    As for the missing tag in itself... wouldn't having the original build sheet, window sticker, and ordering paperwork matching to the VIN and title be sufficient? The way I see it, duplicating or making a bogus tag would be as easy to do as anything else, if someone were so inclined. At least (in theroy) the paperwork might possibly be able to be traced and verified for authenticity, if necessary.

    As for the car...I agree with Sal, and (like Cobraman) dislike the Targa band on any II. I think it really spoils or at least interferes with the flow of the roofline. I also was never a fan of those plaid cloth interiors.
    This car (if authentic) is (in my mind) rather typical of premium models in a line that are often apparently put away for posterity. In this case, one that probably would have returned more worth in driving pleasure and enjoyment over the past 27 years, than what it might fetch in resale dollars now.
  16. I hope I'll remember where my tag is when I'm 70....
    For that matter, I hope I'll be able to remember where I park it as well! :D
  17. 77s had a single as well.
  18. I would be skeptical of the miles. Don't forget, it wasn't illegal to tamper with the miles until about 1985. Also, I don't think it came from the factory with the white wall tires. If it only has 5k miles on it where are the tires? When purchasing a car this old, don't put any value in miles because there is absolutely no way to verify them. Put all the value in the condition of the car. Forget miles.
  19. GoodYear supplied 195/70-13 white walls in '78. Could well be factory.
  20. But, what about the air in them? :D