Drivetrain To Much Play In Output Shaft ? Vid Inside.

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  1. YIKES! I suspect that with that much play in the output shaft that 5th gear, your speedo gear and who knows what all else is also in need of help. There is a tail shaft bushing for the output shaft that sits right in front of the rear seal you can see in your vid that is toast for sure.
  2. I'm with the YIKES! There are definitely issues lurking inside.... Sorry!
  3. I noticed maybe days till the mishap, the speedo was acting weird bobbing up and down at speed. Is this a relatively cheap and easy fix?
  4. The easiest and cheapest part of your situation are the speedo gears, they are relatively cheap and readily available including the spring clip that holds the gear that goes on the tail shaft so don't worry about your speedo, worry about how much damage to the "hard parts" in the transmission you have. Unfortunately the expense question is virtually unanswerable until you tear the thing down. At the very least you need to get the tail shaft housing off and see what got chewed up. Based on your video you have no option other than tearing it down and repairing all of the stuff that is broken or put a new / rebuilt / wrecking yard transmission in, you can't run the thing like it is-end of story, sorry.
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  5. Theres nothing wrong with that amount of play.

    You have the yoke removed. The output shaft slips inside the yoke which rides against the tailshaft bushing. The yoke is what stabilized the entire assembly. So if you remove the driveshaft, the output shaft will move around like that.

    It's the same deal with the input shaft. Some people wiggle the shaft and think somethings wrong when it moves 1/2" laterally. They fail to realize that the snout of the input shaft fits inside the pilot bearing and that creates the hard point.

    With the yoke in place, and the correct pilot bearing installed, you are fine.

    IN and OUT movement of the shafts is more critical. If you grab the output shaft and try to pull it out or push it in, it should barely move. I forget the spec, but under 0.003" off the top of my head.
  6. I stand corrected, you are right about the drive shaft yoke riding in the tail shaft bushing and the fore and aft movement-brain fart- however he is asking about noises from the transmission, the output shaft movement and his speedo going whacko, apparently about the same time. So I'm back to who knows what's going on; putting the drive shaft back in and checking for slop at the very least of course and pulling the VSS out and looking at the speedo gears. If I remember correctly, moving the output shaft around the way the op did with the VSS and driven gear still in the transmission can cream the speedo gear set.
  7. He probably needs to peek inside the trans. It's very hard to diagnose t5 issues externally, you really need to open them up and have a look.

    The bobbing speedo could be unrelated. The culprit is usually lack of lube inside the cable at the upper part of the cable that causes a constant binding and unwinding of the cable as it spins.

    As for the knocking noise when he moves the output shaft...hard to say until you open the trans up.


    Inside the tail housing, the main shaft is supported by this bearing race ahead of 5th gear. With the tail housing in place, it's locked in pretty good. You can still get some side to side movement of the output shaft, but knocking....well I'm curious to open it up and see what that would be. It's possible this bearing has failed?? There's only so much you can diagnose over the net.
  8. I've never rebuilt a transmission, but I have removed and replaced one dozens of times. I've never seen that much output shaft play. Maybe its not a total loss, but I would be concerned.

  9. Thanks for the info, I ripped a contact in my eye so I didn't feel like needing with it today but tomorrow I'll pull it out and see crossing fingers
  10. That play is excessive. A properly shimmed setup will move no where near that much. I have a fresh one in the garage. Endplay is in spec, and you can barely move the output shaft side to side. Its not normal in the ones I've rebuilt to have that much play.
  11. I hav to agree...thats is normal but not that much...

    See if u can grab the shaft and pull it in and out...ill bet u have excessive play and it isnt shimmed at the throw out bearing retainer
  12. Regardless...that trans needs to be opened. Only so much you can diagnose from a video and knocking noise. The noise is def not normal