To Paint,...or Not To Paint

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  1. If I was worried about what it looked like from a distance,...I woulda left the rock chips untouched wise en heimer.:rolleyes:

    Smack yourself for me.
  2. Im gonna reach through this computer you old coot!
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  3. I didn't realize there was a history with you and yellow cars, I must have missed it. I didn't mean to offend, I'm just not a big fan of the yellow. Different strokes for different folks that's the great thing about cars.
    That said I think flat black on the back panel would look good but not the hood and not vynl either. Maybe you can reprint the hood and wet sand/ rebuff the balance of the car. I've seen some really nice work regarding restoring faded or neglected paint.
  4. Aww Cmon!!! I'm not offended because you made a comment about yellow. I Just don't have a problem w/ it for the same reason I built a custom fox body..................
    It's not as common.
    My Last GTO was that GM yellow, was the Avalanche before that,....I made the dealer bring it in from out of state specifically for the color.

    So I was just disputing your I'll never be happy w/ that yellow comment.
    Had I bought it new,..................I probably woulda ordered it that way.

    And had the dealer go outta state to get IT as well.:banana:
  5. Glad I didn't hurt your
  6. Not into the flat black look, don't know what the obsession with some people and this flat black look. Plasti-Dip, everyone is doing this now. I can see like rims or some bits but entire cars painted? Nah.
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  7. Picked up the yellow paint from the paint shop. Custom tinted off of the gas door,....the test blob they dabbed on it blends perfectly. (Now I guess it's up to me).

    It wasn't cheap,...the same PPG stuff I originally had bought for the last car before I let my "painter" talk me out of it, cost me 112.00 for a qt. ( That's almost 450.00 a gallon for you math majors, and engineer types out there.)

    It'll end up giving me 1/2 gallon of spray-able I'll have enough to completely respray the hood if I choose to as well.....I am taking some lacquer thinner to the mustard specs all over the hood, and will use this stuff to touch up the 80 or so rock chips along the front leading edge.

    I also bought a gallon of high solids clear, I want for nothing. (except the time to do it)
  8. I have $5 on the hood getting resprayed. Any takers?
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  9. $10 says the hood gets sprayed, followed by the rest of the car...
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