To Steigmeier, or not to Steigmeier???

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  1. Okay - I'm searching, but I can't find much info on having Steimeier do a port/polish on my eaton. Can anyone provide hero or horror stories on doing this; or what to be cautious of??:shrug:
  2. No horror stories at all! Steigmeier porting is top notch and you can't go wrong. Skip the poloishing unless you plan on "Showing" your car. Just make sure you have the necessary supporting mods to go along with a ported blower.

  3. I'm thinking of billetflow pullies (2.93) - I want to play it safe. Also looking at a JLT CAI. Okay - time to show my ignorance: What exactly is the 4# lower people mention and what does it do? (Is is safe?) Any advice on what tuner to use - SCT/ Diablo?....
  4. There are 2 ways to increase the rotational speed of your blower. A smaller upper pulley, or a larger lower pulley, or both. The smaller upper is the way to go depending on how much boost you want to make. Once the upper pulley size gets below 2.93 then you have to start worrying about belt slippage, even if you run an oversize idler pulley. A 2.93 upper is good for right around 13psi. If you want more without fear of belt slippage, then a larger lower pulley coupled with your smaller upper (2.93) may be the best option. Going with a larger lower pulley alone will increase boost, but without the fear of belt slip. Problem is when you change an upper it doesn't effect any of the accessories, but adding a lower increases the rotational speed on the alternator so you'll want to get a new pulley for the alternator so you don't burn it up.

    Do what I did and go for just a simple upper pulley change first. Add a 2.93 upper and an idler, get it re-tuned then drive it and see if you really want even more power. Stepping up to a ported blower will cost you more than just the price of the porting work... you'll need supporting fuel mods too if you want to ensure engine longevity.

    As for which tuner to use... I'd ask the guy who's tuning your car which one they prefer... You weren't thinking about using one of the "canned" tunes that come pre-loaded with the Predator or SCT units were you? That would be a mistake... those handheld built-in tunes shouldn't be used for anything more than slowly limping your car to the dyno so it can then be tuned properly.


    P.S. Check this chart out which shows the different upper & lower pulley combinations. This will help you determine how to achieve the boost level you're looking for.
  5. THANKS U.M! I truly appreciate the lesson. As for the tune - no, I was going to let Mike Bowen of Powerhouse Automotive do this. (PowerHouse411) He's developed a good reputation from what I can gather and he's local. A big concern of mine is longevity of the motor. I'm looking to up the HP, but I want to be driving it in ten years too. In an ideal world - what supporting mods should I be concerned with? Simply put - I want to do it right! (The wish list contains 2.93 pulley w/ idlers, JLT CAI, ported eaton.) Thanks again!
  6. wouldn't worry about longevity of the motor AT ALL unless you have a ton of miles/abuse or the car was tuned improperly before. Make sure the tune is good and you take care of it and you should see lots of happy time!!!! You want a ported and pullied eaton car, which I have seen with over 100k miles on svtp with great compression on all cylinders!!
  7. So are you saying he doesn't need any of the supporting the fuel mods to go along with a ported blower?

  8. no i didnt mean that at all. It would definitely need a BAP and some bigger injectors. i am a better safe than sorry kind of guy. I just think some people get all worried about these motors and its for no good reason. Unless you run the absolute hell out of it it should last a long time:nice:
  9. Okay cool. I know these motors are tough as nails for the most part, but they do have a weakness and that's a low tolerance for a lean running condition! That and extended high speed runs!

    I just about maxed my MAF out with only a 2.93 upper and this was during warm weather, I'm sure I was closer to the edge during the winter with the cool air and all.

  10. congrats on the ZO6!! :hail2:
  11. My mod list is similar to what you are looking at doing. 2.93 upper, JLT CAI, stage 4 ported blower, Magnaflow catted X, Magnaflow catback. It made 489 RWHP before the X pipe. All vehicles are different, but I only needed a MAF upgrade (pegged @ 470 RWHP). FPDC was 84 % @ 6600 RPM. BTW. I am only seeing about 12 psi boost with this combination. Good luck...
  12. Thanks! I'm totally stoked and can't wait!
    Whoops! I read this and had to go back to my original post and edit my typo! I meant to type 13, not 15! :doh:

  13. Thanks everyone! I sincerely appreciate the quidance. Am I reading this correctly in that I should only expect ~3psi increase over stock with these mods? (The car produces ~9 in stock trim correct?) As for the MAF - what did you go with? Thanks again! ...Oh, and BTW - Z06:drool::drool::drool: Out of my $ range, but I'd gladly trade you even up.:D
  14. BTW - you mentioned cold weather. It's been around 8 degrees here for the past week - talk about suck. The climate does help to keep the miles low on the toy though. It's stored 6 months out of the year and is only a sunshine driven car. Just figured I'd give the shout out to all of us who envy those who can drive their rides year round. ....I'm jealous.
  15. stock boost is 8 psi(though you may see 9 in the winter). The 2.93 is a 4-5 psi increase which takes you to ~ 13 psi, then the port (by decreasing airflow restriction) lowers boost (as does free flow exhaust). So, you end up at 12-13 psi. Keep in mind, although with the port and exhaust i lost boost, but I gained power. As for the MAF, I use a mafia (essentially a plug in harness that extends the electronic range of your MAF).
  16. +1. There's really no need to go with a larger MAF if that's what you're thinking. The stock one flows just fine all the way up to about 550RWHP or so. As RB88 suggests a MAFIA will extend the range of the stock MAF and allow you to tune for the increased horsepower the pulley & porting will bring.

  17. THANK YOU BOTH!!! One last question - I'm under the impression that I'm fine with the stock injectors for this combo. Is this true? Thanks again. :hail2: By the way - RB88 - do you by chance have a pic to share of your engine. I'm surprised by how much difficulty I've had in finding an engine pic with these bolt ons. (I'm hung up on looks.)
  18. I am very particular myself...



    Your stock injectors will be fine...
  19. It depends on a couple different factors... main one being how much boost you plan on pumping into your motor coupled with that ported blower?

    If you plan on running over 500RWHP reliably then yes you'll need to up the injectors because at the point you're reaching the limits of the stock ones and as stated earlier lean is not a condition these engines live with for very long. However if you keep it below 500RWHP you can usually get by with the stockers.

  20. Great pics!!!! I believe I'm going to be around 450 RWHP with this combo - so I'm hoping that I'm going to be alright. (Simply put - I'm tapped for cash and don't have enough for the injectors.)

    THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!!!!!!:hail2::hail2::hail2: