To Steigmeier, or not to Steigmeier???

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  1. If you're only wanting 450RWHP then back the truck up my friend it's pretty easy to reach that with just some minimal mods! You won't need the ported blower so that will save you some righteous bucks along with not having to hassle taking it off and sending it out. Just a good CAI (JLT or K&N FIPK), mid-pipe (O/R or catted, your choice), cat-back, 2.93 upper, and a custom tune. That's it, you're at 450.


    They're pretty popular and I've never heard anyone complain about them, but is your motor at the point where it requires one?

  2. I made 447/467 with 2.93,JLT, Magnaflow catback, and custom tune. I needed no MAF or fuel upgrades. As John say's you don't need a port for 450RWHP.
  3. Ok everyone - Don't laugh at me, but the port was something I was gunning for because what I really wanted to see under the hood was that polished blower. ..... I told you I was hung up on looks. LOL So given the combo indicated earlier (RAI, 2.93, tune, cat-back and the ported blower - what do you think it will produce?? - evidently more than 450.) Will the stock clutch take this? ..Should I be concerned with the rearend? .... I feel like an idiot.:nonono: [Please help prevent this moron from hurting a perfectly good Terminator.]

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  4. You'll be in the upper 480's lower 490's with that combo, and you could max out the MAF pretty easy if the weather outside were cool enough. A 2.93 couped with a port can go either way. Some folks can get by without the additional supporting fuel mods for that combo, some can't.

    Honestly, if I were you I'd think about running a 3.10 upper coupled with the ported blower and the other previously mentioned mods. The 3.10 coupled with the ported blower should keep your power around 460/470 and it shouldn't require the upgrading of any fuel system components.

  5. Not as of yet, I plan on making that one of my priority purchases though, more of a safeguard than anything to me.

    As soon as i can piece together a couple more parts (belt,plugs,pulley tool) it's getting a ported eaton and plenum, I'm going to run the 3.10 for a while and see what's up and what my limits are, Then it's the 2.76, i expect to max out the stock fuel sys on that, then 60lb injectors. Tbody, stuck between BF's and accufab's wide oval.. going to get a BAP, then if needed change the fuel pump over to twin focus or twin supercar. Still planning it though. All the tune work is coming from Doug up here at Bamachips, Awesome dude in person.

  6. I agree with John (U.M.) on predicted numbers. My clutch has held up just fine for 2 years at my power level(489). I strongly suggest you install an IRS brace from Billettflow.

    Keep in mind the exterior show polish for your blower is around $600 over and above the cost to have it will be looking at around $1,000 for a port and polish.
  7. Thanks Everyone! Once again Stangnet folks prove to be the ultimate in providing information for the enthusiast. You guys are GREAT!!! I can't wait to have the work done - definitely going to go with the larger pulley. I don't want to chance any damage. (I can always swap it out later with the smaller when I get enough dough for a MAF and injectors.) Can someone please post a link for where I should purchase the MAFIA? Also - what is "BAP". Go ahead and laugh....

    Hey U.M. - Nobody has asked yet, and I'm dying to know. Are you planning on modding the Z06? (I'm pretty sure with a few hours in the garage the car will be prepped to tow the next shuttle into space.) I hope I'm not offending any Stang owners. I just feel you've gotta give credit where credit is due.

    Thanks again and again!!!! I will be forever loyal to Stanget. :flag:
  8. Here is a link to purchase a mafia...[/URL][/URL]


    BAP stands for boost a pump. What does it do? It increases the voltage going to your fuel pumps. What does this mean to me? By virtue of the increased voltage the pumps will flow more fuel than stock.
  9. yes, but minimally at first. Like my Cobra before it the Z will get some basic intake and exhaust bolt-ons and that's it until the warranty expires.

    +1 The BAP can be beneficial if you need just a little more push from the stock fuel pumps.

  10. Hey there UM sorry about the hijack... When you get your Z06 if you have any questions let me know. I have been crewchief on a NASA ST1 2006 Z06 for 2 years now. I have had that car down to the frame and replaced 3 LS7's We now have the Warhawk LS7. We are right around 600 RWHP and just under 3000 lbs. I added some pictures of her in my folder.