Exhaust To Tail Pipe Or Not To Tail Pipe

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Turn downs or Tail pipes

  1. Turn downs right off the mufflers

  2. Tail pipes out the back

  1. Which do you prefer? I've been running turn downs for about 10 years and I had a guy tell me the other day I'm losing about 25hp because of it lol. It said all it is is a crappy sound. Anyway just curious what everyone else thinks.
  2. The "guy" is full of crap. He's the same type that thinks a fart can is worth 40 HP at the wheels. The only thing I don't like about turn-down is getting exhaust smell at stop lights etc.
  3. I don't have that problem, or if I do, it's been so long I'm used to it and don't notice it haha.
  4. I just put tails back on. tired of smelling like fumes but yeah your guys is full of it
  5. Oh I don't know who the guy I was, I was getting gas after work and he said, "sounds good, but not tail pipes mean your losing about 25 hp or more." I laugh and said, Ok man, well take care and drove off haha.
  6. I personally like tail pipes so I vote for them, but its your car man do what you want with it!
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  7. Oh yeah I know, I didn't want to start a debate (lord knows there's enough of that going on right now) I just wanted to see what other people thought:nice:
  8. do you have cats and air pump?
  9. No air pumps on a 4.6L

    ...and I agree with most. Turn downs are for race cars, not street cars.
  10. pipes definitely with no smog. unless you like smelling shtty all the time
  11. I'm not running any cats on the car.
  12. I'm a fan of pipes out the back on newer cars. Turn downs are nice on older vehicles.
  13. If your bumper has the openings for the tail pipes, run the tail pipes. If not, do what you want.
  14. If its the 94-98 body style I have mixed feelings with the dumps. I think they actually clutter the rear end of the car up but it can depend on if the exhaust compliments the look or not.

    Black wheels/scheme= dumps
    Chrome wheels= exhaust tips

    Just my .02
  15. And all this time i thought people got dumps when their exhaust pipe was too large to properly bend over an axle and around a gas tank. Or for ease of removal in race setups. Or maybe even to save a few hundred at the exhaust shop.

  16. Thats exactly how I feel.
    I voted for tail downs because I like the sinster look on sn95's
  17. I have tails and my car still smells like :poo:.
  18. really, never heard that before
  19. I've decided to completely redo the exhaust system on my car anyway. Going to swamp the flowmasters with an SLP exhaust when I put my headers on.
  20. Cats will stop the smell. I installed the cats because i no longer wanted to smell like tail pipe and chicks dont digg the smell either.