To The Junkyard! (what To Look For?)

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  1. I figured it's going to be somewhat nice this weekend, so I'll go peruse the local junkyards (new territory to me, just moved to phoenix.)

    Anything I should keep my eyes open for the 1990 LX project? Hoping to do rear brake disc conversion, but I've seen some stuff aobut upgraded front brakes from different model years.

    Anyone have a "what to look for" list for the foxbody? Or is there a list somewhere of what's compatible? Open to all ideas, since this is supposed to be a budget racer project. (I don't think I'm going to find a roll cage at the j'yard though!)

    Also saw something about 1996 explorer heads being a good find...any merit to that?
  2. Do a search in the tech sticky here and also google "junkyard horsepower". It's been covered 1000 times.
  3. On a budget? do the junkyard upgrade...

    Gears - 87-88 T-Bird Turbo Coupe rear axle - disc brakes and 3.55 or 3.73 gears in one package for $125-$300. Add another $100-$200 or so to complete the brake upgrade.

    94-95 Mustang GT MAF - $40-$100. It is 70 MM instead of the stock 55 MM on regular stangs built prior to 94. It uses a slip on duct on the side that goes to the throttle body and a 4 bolt flange on the other. You need a flange adapter to fit the stock slip on air ducting that goes to the air box. Wiring plugs right in with no changes. *1 *2

    95-97 Ford Explorer intake manifold & throttle body $150-$300. The intake manifold flows 220 CFM +, much better than stock. Throttle body is 65 MM, bigger than the 60 MM on stock stangs. I got a 96 with EGR passages that match the stock setup, so my smog gear works just like factory. You’ll need a 65 MM EGR spacer & new gaskets for $65-$90 so you have a place to mount the EGR & throttle linkage.

    Explorer GT40 or GT 40P cylinder heads. The GT40 heads have 3 bars cast at the end of the head. GT 40 's will work with any header setup, they are found on the earlier model Explorers from 95 - 97 I believe. The GT 40P's are found on 98-2001 model cars and have 4 bars cast into the end of the cylinder head.. They need aftermarket headers designed to clear the angled spark plugs.
    Whatever you GT$0 heads get, plan to replace the valve springs replaced with good quality aftermarket springs from someplace like Crane Cams or Competition Cams.

    3G alternator from 94-95 Mustangs or other Ford. $20-$120. A must have to make the electrical system work like it should or if you have an electric fan. You’ll need a 4 gauge power wire and a 125-135 amp fuse to go with it about $15- $30.

    Lincoln MK VIII electric fan -$40-$160. Free up some HP by not having to drive the stock fan. The 3G alternator upgrade is a must have prerequisite before you do the MK VIII fan. You won’t have enough electrical power if you don’t do the 3G upgrade.

    Aluminum driveshaft: (courtesy of shawn13) It needs to be from a 92-93-94 Aerostar AWD. It measures 45 ½” center of the front U-joint to center of the rear U-joint. You will need the U-joint, part #PUJ353 from NAPA. The Canadian NAPA pat number is 1-0134BF. It should bolt right up after the U-joint swap.

    Note: This driveshaft is not an exact duplicate of the Ford Racing part. It is 3” in diameter while the Ford Racing part is 3.5” in diameter. There is no guarantee that the balance will be any better than the stock part.

    Use a piece of string and wrap it around the driveshaft. Make a mark on the string where the ends overlap. Measure the length of the string:
    On the 3" AeroStar driveshaft the string will be 9.42" or about 9 7/16" long.
    On the Ford Racing 3.5" driveshaft the string will be 10.99" or about 11" long

    *1.) Metal flange adapter Buy the TR70 for $40. Or spend some time on eBay looking for one that may fit.

    *2.) MAF & sensor interchange
    The 94-95 Mustang 5.0 MAF & sensor is also found on:
    1995-94 Mustang 3.8L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
    1994-92 Crown Victoria 4.6L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
    1995-94 Mustang, Mustang Cobra 5.0L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
    1994-92 Town Car 4.6L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
    1994-92 Grand Marquis 4.6L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
    Evidently the –A1A, -A2A, AA, etc. on the end of the part number is a minor variant that did not change the operating specs. You should be able to ignore it and have everything work good.
  4. Awesome - thanks jrichker. I think I got the MAF along with a complete 5 lug conversion from a GT for $450 - think that's a better deal than trying to find everything in the junkyard, but I will be on the lookout for heads and some of the other assorted goodies.
  5. ^^^Great info up there!!!
  6. There is a guy on ebay that sells a 3G alternator conversion kit for a Foxbody. It comes with the fusable links and everything. I don't remember what he charges for it, but it's cheaper than what you can piece it together for yourself.


  7. Kurt, I've bought 2 of those kits from him. They are top quality and you are right, they have everything needed and it is cheaper than doing it yourself. He's on the Corral as well and is cheaper there- think hes grn92 or something like that.
  8. I could use a prop rod hold down clip, damn thing is always broken. Haha
  9. buy them from ebay...

  10. Joe, here's a little trick. The 79-86's use a metal prop hold down clip vs. the plastic ones on the 87-93. They fit in the same slot and won't break. You can either try and find one in the JY or give Green Sales a call... They cost around $5
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  11. Aside from the aforementioned items I always look for a decent set of sport seats in tge import lot. I hate factory Ford seats. One I even got some fairly decent recaros from a T/A.
  12. Any models you know off hand that has them that fits??
  13. Direct Fit?? Any mustang. With some universal brackets though most any seats will fit. I have the power seats from a 300zx in my car now. They took some welding but fit is pretty good and they feel great.
  14. well i would use my brackets but i have no idea of what seat bottoms, width etc would really fit.
  15. I hear that the 96-97 AWD Areostar aluminum driveshaft is a direct fit swap and does not even require a yoke or flange change.

    Can anyone confirm this?
  16. Best junkyard score ever. Walk into a yard with no real purpose...just to look around. Strolling by the explorers and see one with the hood up. I figure someone yanked the GT-40 setup. I was partially right. Someone yanked the heads, but left the upper and lower intake and TB sitting on top.

    Snagged the whole setup, paid $30ish for it and was on my way less than 15 minute later. Tossed that bad boy on CL and sold it for $125. I don't even think i got my hands dirty on that one :)
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  17. So i seen the video of @Jarod@latemodel weighing them both and the difference in stock and the aluminum was 4lbs. Not enough for me in that dept.