To tint or not to tint...That is the question...

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  1. yes, i understand that it is done witha light meter... i just didnt know if it was done with polarization or something which was just an optical illusion when u looked through it... i guess they must be full of it... maybe i can get the name of this stuff they speak of and find out the real story.
  2. tint,
  3. I JUST got mine tinted last weekend. It makes the car look so much more Bad ass. I got 5% on my back three windows and 20% on my front two.
  4. tint em

    untinted is so not cool :D
  5. Here is my tint at 35% on the fronts. Not as nice as the really dark ones, but I like it a lot. Purple tint? Easy solution for that: never use window cleaner with amonia.


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  6. looks good carnut