"TO" Yellow or "NOT" to Yellow ?????

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  1. PICTURES-"TO" Yellow or "NOT" to Yellow ?????

    I have just ordered some Accents in Yellow for my Stang........these are the Vinyl Dash kit and I was thinking of installing it but if someone has some Photos I`d like to see some please,appreciate it . I think it`s a better choice than PAINTING the plastic......I am also thinking of getting the YELLOW and BLACK seat covers and Steering wheel cover.....enough talkin` when I Do all this I`ll post some pics of mine so if anybody wants some info about the Kit and overall exp. just let me know and If I don`t like the looks can always REVERSE the process :D

    POST your comments and Ideas please, Thanx
  2. personally, i've never seen it in a mustang, but have never liked interior color kits, etc. I say "Not", IMO.
  3. i'm not reading your first post unless it says "I bought a mach I" or "i took out a loan to buy a mach I"
  4. I'm not a fan of interiors that are color-matched to the exterior. Maybe it's because most ricers do that.

    If you want to spruce up the interior, I'd look at a carbon fiber dash kit, or maybe doing some of the panels in a contrasting dark color. The yellow exterior is loud enough on its own.
  5. i didn't do this, the guy who pwned it before hand did


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  6. yeah now that you mention it, i just saw this the other day in some guy's lancer. yellow exterior, with all kinds of yellow interior accent. Laughed my ass off. unless domestic rice is your thing, DONT DO IT
  7. I bought a brushed aluminum kit for mine over a year ago, and I've never putted it on. After I got, I realized, that I don't even want that in my stang. So if I'm going to do anything to it, I'd spend $250 for this: click
  8. WAY too much yellow, the sun is more than enough for me =P. Mine's silver and I would agree with the carbon fiber look, but the normal interior is just fine on it's own for me.
  9. :D :D :D IT IS COMING VERY VERY SOON OxMox.......3-5 months tops, Now I just gotta find my Color(Comp.Orange or Yellow/Azure) whatever is available on the market when I`m ready.
    :hail2: MACH 1
  10. I haven`t got the Kit yet, but when it arrives i`ll just decide then wheather I want to install or not, can`t decide untill I see it inside(just match it next to the plastic first)-My Opinion it`s gonna look GREAT especially w/the seat covers.....it might be a bit CHEEZY but I can always go BACK to stock since it`s not PAINT and best of all-I`m getting a MACH 1 soon so why not PIMP out the V6 ? I`ve seen the RX 8`s,Ferrari`s,Lamborghinis,Merc. XLR w/yellow seats and interior and don`t think it`s a RICER thing-they look niccccce but this is a Stang can`t really compare to those vehicles....but good enough
  11. Just get the authenic peices in aluminum. That way, you can transfer it from the V6 to the Mach.
  12. Here are some pics....I will be getting some SEAT COVERS( black and Yellow) as well.Didn`t do the whole DASH kit but it`s still OK-It seemed too CHEEZY w/the Full version and it doesn`t stick too good so here`s the deal :
  13. It looks ok. It would look much better if you had it going around the gauges and the upper trim by the radio. Hopefully it won't peel in the sun.
  14. stop being nice, he wanted opinions. i say rip it out asap
  15. I prefer "porno red", but if you have to........DON'T rice it. I've seen too many neons, civics, accords, sebrings, mazdas, etc. with cheap seat covers, floor mats, glowing shift knobs, etc.
  16. mine looks better