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  1. So, once again my throwout bearing and/or pilot bearing is squealing. Every other summer the trans has to come out wtf? Anyways transmission shops are saying 400-550 to do the job I wish I could do it myself. Does anyone know of any good but cheap mechanics in fort wayne lol....
  2. me too every year,, year and a half.. just the tob...still rocking on oem clutch..

    i do it myself tho...400 is crazy..

    i do it in driveway,,trans only has to be pulled back not removed...its only a few bolts,exhaust,shifter...glad its a 2 piece unit..
  3. That is way too much money. Find a friend and do it yourself. It isn't too difficult.
  4. Too bad you dont live by me. I'd do it for 150!
  5. KT has no friends. :(
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  6. wow that is a great tech post...
  7. Mine does the same thing, even when it was stock!!! I have an aftermarket TOB and it still did it!! Anyone got advise on a good Aftermarket TOB and retaining sleeve for a car pushing 700 RWHP??
  8. The only acceptable tob is the frpp one.