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  1. Just throwing this out there just got my 3650 back from Hanlon motorsports (all new internals 26 spline input shaft) put new twin disc clutch in went to put ram tob in and it literally fell apart. The rear flange that snaps into the release arm is pressed on not one piece. I would not put one of these in your car! I pressed it back together only to have it separate again. This allows the bearing to slide out of place and let the fork drop. Just throwing it out there stay away from them!!!!
  2. Good to know. Everybody says the same thing, FRPP TOB is the only way to go.
  3. That's the one I used. FRPP that is.
  4. I've got an frpp one coming today should've went with my gut but ram and Hanlon both recommended their tob.
  5. It's been hit or miss in my car. I'm on the fourth clutch in this car, and stock, auto parts store OE replacement and my current Powergrip HD have had TOB chirping, grinding, ticking. Now, my old clutch, a RAM Powergrip, had absolutely no problems with the TOB until the disc started to slip (70k miles with 55k supercharged). My current one is, just need to find the time or money to do it myself or send it to my installer.
  6. Yea I went with the spec clutch when I put tork teck in. That's got like 15000 on it pulled apart and bearing is trashed. Never made a noise or had clutch problems buts it's all loose and wobbly. Frpp this time around
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