Today is the big day but still no pricing info?

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  1. I think the most accurate info was posted by Spectravp who stated something like we could order in 4 weeks but production wouldnt begin until Sept 7th. I wish I had some pricing info-all I want is a basic GT.
  2. you can order a '05 today if you'd like. FULL production starts in September, the mustang will hit lots in November (GT & V6 coupe only).

    I wish I could help you on price. On a guess I'd say 27K for a base GT with possibly a $500 rebate or low rate.

  3. According to Ford, back a bit ago, May 24th was the day that pricing and options were to be announced. My dealership manager that I have dealt with for a decade had the same information. This was also posted on Brad's site for a while, but now there is no mention of "May 24th" on his site. This information had been reported by several reliable sources. However, I went to order my mustang today from the aforementioned manager and – alas! – no final options or pricing. He himself is baffled and even showed me written communiqué's his dealership received from Ford elluding to the fact that they, the dealers, would have this info May 24th. No word; so I didn't order. I have no idea what the new date is. When he finds out, he'll tell me; I'll post it. I'm so disappointed...
  4. I am dissapointed too........

    About no prices but every Ford dealership has told me that Ford promises that Mustang prices will stay the same. That would make the vehicle I want to buy around 23 to 24K for a basic GT with a 5-speed. I cant see it being any more than that.
  5. Yeah me too, I cant see the base being 27000 it will be 25k I'm guessin.
  6. Prices don't really matter at this time.

    The reason is, the exact price of ANY vehicle that Ford sells is not set until the vehicle is built and the dealer is invoiced. Ford can (and has) changed prices at any time.

    If you are ordering a car now the best thing to do is to get an agreement with the dealer (in writing) for a specific price such as: $700 over invoice or $1,000 less than MSRP. That is the ONLY thing you can do a this point.

    Take the closest 2004 Mustang configuration and add 5%. That will give you an approximate price for your 2005 Stang.
  7. I didn't see any pricing there!

  8. If you're refering to the OPTION sheet I linked to...
    notice the key word. OPTION, not PRICE sheet.

  9. i thought a select few of these cars hit dealers in september?