Today Was A Good Day!

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  1. Went up fast.

    As suggested room to park and room to lift

    Its a beefy cocksucker.
    ALI certified 10k
    Still need electrical ran to it.
  2. What was the digits on her?
  3. 2295 for the lift

    350 for delivery and install

    Finally having my own lift in my own shop, damn near priceless.
  4. Nice... had one at my old house... once you have a lift you wonder how you managed without one. Did you get the extenders for the legs?
  5. It came with 3" and 6" extenders
  6. I' of you right now...

    What I wouldn't give to have a lift, at my apartment complex lol

    Nick C.
  7. Once you have one not sure you go back, I bough myself a high rise 4 post bendpak last Christmas.
    This way I could work on my vehicles and I wouldn't have to use up my entire 2 car garage just parking in there, I leave the mustang on it and park the explorer under it. Leaves plenty of room for other crap.

    Just need to get the hydraulic slide jack.

    Doesn't take long for a home lift to pay for itself.
  8. nice. nothing beats having a lift in your shop. oh and a paint booth. :D
  9. The installer/owner was trying to sell me a 4 post while he was installing the lift today, was funny.

    Will move the Fox back to the shop once the electrical is done, for now its up in the attached garage sharing with the fiesta
  10. that's what she said..:banana:
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  11. A 2 post is probably More useful. A lot less money too since it's cheaper to begin with, and you don't need $1000 slide jack.

    But the nice thing about a 4 is that you can easily move it around. Also feels a bit safer.

    The electrical should be pretty easy. (I'm an electrical contractor), shouldn't take much more an hour or two provided you have a sub panel out there.
  12. When you get a chance, can you park all your cars in there so I can get a general idea of how big everything is? I have a 2 car garage and would love to see if this would fit in there
  13. lots of open spots in the panel in the shop
  14. My shop is 28'x30' with 13' inside wall height and a 16'x12' door. It is a good bit bigger than a normal 2 car garage
  15. Very nice! Should have waited a few weeks for the rack swap huh?
  16. My door is 16 wide, 7 tall (I think, but it's normal), had to convert to a high lift setup. So the door goes all the way up, then back.

    Garage is roughly 20ft wide. Currently I have the lift offset to left, not enough room to right for a car, but I could slide it over and fit another car.

    There are many factors to consider when doing a lift in a normal size garage.

    How high is your ceiling?
    What are you going to park under it?
    How good is your floor? A 4 post works on any floor pretty much, a 2 needs a quality thick floor.

    Most 4 post lifts don't go high enough to park an SUV under. You pay extra for one that does.

    Judging by how small that lift looks in grovers garage, his garage is probably massive in person.
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  17. all this makes me wonder if i can get away with building a shop when i move to my old/new house, theres plenty of room in the back yard, but i have no idea about a driveway back there. that, or tear the loft out and expand back into the sunroom (just a closed off back patio).
  18. Thats awesome, I am very jealous!
  19. Not really a fair view but it looks HUGE with the fiesta in it
  20. Oooooooh...I WANT!!!