Today Was A Good Day!

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  1. Wow, very nice, congrats!
  2. congrats brotha! when i was installing my new h pipe i was cursing never again without a lift
  3. Awesome, congrats!

    The Fiesta pic cracks me up for some reason.
  4. yeah not the normal car around these parts but for a no frills driver I like it.

    14,395 brand new.
  5. Meh. Car lifts are overrated...

    It also appears that someone left a white go-kart in your garage.
  6. You know deep down, this is all your fault.

    not the white go cart part...
  7. so with the help of you tube I ran the 220 circuit myself.

    108 bucks later (homedepot) and 18 bucks for a 12ft step ladder rental.

  8. Congrats...Were jealous.

  9. Man I knew mustangs sat high but that one looks like a 4 x 4
  10. The Fox in trapped in the attached garage, I have no desire to even move it with the snow
  11. What is this snow stuff you speak of? We have heard of such a thing in South Florida but like Bigfoot, yet to see it. lol
  12. I'm envious! Nice garage!!
  13. Sick dude ...very nice :nice:
    ONE DAY, day...Lol
  14. I used to have to work on my car in the street. I just moved into a house with a two car "car-port" I was excited. :drool:
  15. Week ago we had snow. Today we have tornados. Love illinois...not! Sick set up Grover! :drool:
  16. Not envious of the snow lol, it was 70 degrees yesterday and today in South Jersey (and yes there is a difference between north and south, I don't grease my hair and my name is not Snooki) lol
  17. Is it true that after Hurricane Sandy the only thing left standing on the Seaside Heights boardwalk were the three milk bottles that you try and knock down with a baseball?
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  18. Yeah, the fire took care of the table they were sitting on so they finally did fall ;)
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  19. This will be my first winter in over 22 years. I just moved up here from San Diego, lived there for 20+ years. Before that growing up in Northwest Indiana I dealt with snow but that was forever ago and I was young!

    Weather is the only thing I miss from Socal.
  20. Not the women? SoCal women are :nice: